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Travel Photo – Ecuador Empanadas

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Ecuador Travel - An Ecuador Food Tradition - the Empanada

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During our tour of the Galapagos Islands, we were excited to come across a street food vendor making fresh empanadas. Empanadas are a food tradition present in most Latin American countries. Each country puts their twist on the fried dough snack, but Ecuador’s were always on top of our list. Our empanadas on this day were stuffed with either cheese or beef and fried right in front of us. During your Ecuador travel, don’t forget to indulge in some Spanish Empanadas.

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Claire says:

Finding and consuming empanadas are always the first order of business for me when in any Latin country 🙂

Kiri Bowers says:

YUM! Empanadas are one of the best snacks going 🙂

These pockets of joy look delicious! I can’t wait to go to Ecuador so I can get Empanadas from the source!

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