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Travel Photo – Beijing China Colors and Architecture

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China Travel – Asia Holidays

We recently visited Asia for the very first time during our visit to Beijing, China. Our only disappointment was that we didn’t have time to explore more of Asia. Many of the travelers we met in the hostels were doing the typical Asia backpacker trail, which included Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Next time we visit Asia, I hope it’s after researching for Hong Kong holidays. It’s on our list of must see big Asia cities, and we hear it’s a lot easier to travel as a tourist in Hong Kong than in Beijing.

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Awesome photo! We are most likely moving to China later this year, so this picture gives me something to be excited about!

hayley says:

Like! Amazing detail and colour.

Stephen says:

Nice photo. There isn’t too much of a backpacker trail in China and it’s really easy to get off it and lost in some places you’re the only foreigner.

Man! This photo is awesome!

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