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Travel Photo – Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Las Vegas Travel

Las Vegas Travel - Red Rock Canyon National Park

Las Vegas travel is always good to us. One might think that after you get married, Vegas doesn’t have the same appeal. We would disagree. It’s not just about hotels and casinos. We love Las Vegas for many reasons, including the adventure the area offers. Hiking, biking and rock climbing can all be done in the mars-like landscape of Red Rock Canyon National Park. Ride a dune buggy in the desert. So go out, work up a sweat, come back to your posh hotel and go enjoy some of the best dinning and gambling the world has to offer.

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We were just there a couple of weeks ago. Also loved hiking Red Rock Canyon!

Such amazing colors and rock formations. We really love Vegas.

I have always wanted to hike Red Rock Canyon National Park. When is the best time of year to go?

Don’t go during the Summer, it’s too hot!

walterkaras says:

been there many times

Jesse says:

What I adore about the sites in Grand Canyon is not about the breathtaking cliffs and river landscape but the orange to red color of this nature wonder.

Kyle says:

You are right the Red Rock canyon is incredible.

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