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Singapore Travel – Architecture of the City

Singapore travel is a feast for the eyes with some of the most innovative and photogenic buildings imaginable.  I’ve been fortunate enough to of visited Singapore twice now and both times I’ve been blown away by it’s magnificent architecture.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Architecture of the city

Singapore is a truly cosmopolitan city awash with wealth and prosperity.  Thankfully the insurgence of modern metropolises hasn’t taken away from it’s ancient architecture and you can see both the very old and very new in one day.   The city is a mix of cultures, cuisines and the variety of the people are reflected in the archictecture of the city.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Chinatown

Chinatown, Singapore

I almost always make a beeline for Chinatown in any big city. I’ve been brought up as a huge fan of Chinatown in London and I love how vibrant the Singaporean Chinatown is.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Restaurants of Chinatown

Colourful and always busy, you could easily spend from lunch to dinner here admiring the markets and filling your belly.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Chinatown district

Marina Bay, Singapore

You can’t help but marvel at the skyscrapers that litter the skyline around Singapore’s prosperous Marina Bay.  From the minute you walk out of the MRT subway station your neck has to crane to see the glittering glass fronted buildings.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Marina Bay Skyscrapers

This area has obviously had many Singaporean dollars thrown at it and the result is a pristine waterfront bay.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Kiri at Marina Bay

Roscoe and I strolled around in the heat of the day and took huge relief in dropping into the decadent Shoppes at Marina Bay.  As budget backpackers, almost everything bar a cup of coffee was out of our league but we indulged in the free air-conditioning! If you’re on a far bigger budget than ours then this striking shopping complex with incredible lines and modernism is a shoppers paradise.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - The Shoppes at Marina Bay

We couldn’t resist taking a peek at the Marina Bay Sands resort too.  This was only built a few years ago and wasn’t there on my first visit so I was quite excited to see it in all its glory.  There are few buildings in the world that look anything like it.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Marina Bay Sands Resort

We had a wander around the gigantic foyer and somehow ended up in a lift and sneaking our way to the Skypark.  Only guests with a key card are allowed but we got a sneak peak of how the other half live!  The infinity pool seems to go on for miles and the view over the city is phenomenal. I’ll be honest though, the entire place was jam packed and it didn’t look like there were any spare sun loungers.  The noise from the kids in the pool was defeaning! Despite how wealthy you’d have to be to stay here, chilling out would be next to impossible. But hey, the view would be worth it…

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Marina Bay Sands Resort Skypark

Later, we wandered around the Marina and noticed how the Singapore Flyer reminded us of home and our much loved London Eye.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Singapore Flyer

Roscoe and I are both big Formula One fans and around Marina Bay you can spot the street tracks that have made the night race here so famous.

Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel - Formula One Street Racetrack

Singapore Travel Top Tips

  • Subway and Skytrain travel is super cheap in Singapore. The services are always on time, run regularly, are spotlessly clean and even have televisions and radios in the carriages. Grab yourself a day pass and whizz around the city at your leisure
  • The waterfront at Marina Bay is a must.  The views around the city here are unmissable
  • Though you can spend all day entertained by the multi-faceted shopping complexes and smart bars and restaurants, make sure you view some of the city’s old architecture around Chinatown and Little India.

With only a few days in this city, the best thing you can do is grab a Subway or Skytrain map and explore.

All images Copyright © Roscoe Duncan 2012

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