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Thailand Travel – Top Tips for Trekking

Thailand travel isn’t all beaches, beer and fiery food – this fascinating country has the most beautiful jungle just waiting to be explored.  I am no trekking professional, I am a novice to say the least.  However, I look back and remember my trek in Chiang Mai as one of the best and most exhilarating things I did on this trip.

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel - Trekking in Chiang Mai

Unless you are a seasoned pro and have battled many climbs in stifling humidity, most of you will be like me, excited by exploring the natural landscape, but not knowing what to expect.  Here are a few suggestions to make your trek inifinately more enjoyable.

Tips for Trekking

Proper Footwear

Roscoe and I trekked with a group of ten people and out of ten only six of us had proper footwear. Thankfully I was one of the prepared ones with sturdy waterproof hiking boots.  A few had trainers that were too low on the heel and unsupportive, offering little protection from the rain that came down in buckets regularly throughout the weekend.  One poor soul only had a pair of flip flops and I honestly don’t know how many times she feel over and slipped.  Whether you’ve planned for a trek in advance or do it on a whim, buy some proper footwear.

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel - Good footwear

Water Supply

Bring the biggest bottle of water you can carry. You will need it. Dehyrdation is the biggest risk and we sweated buckets the entire time.  Even though it is heavy it’s the one real essential.

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel - Amazing view in Chiang Mai

Waterproof Camera

Bringing a camera is essential but without proper waterproofing you’re in trouble.  Humidity, rain and dirt are all part of the deal with trekking in Thailand so make sure you not only bring a waterproof camera and/or case but extra carrier bags to further protect.

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel - Taking photos at the top

Dry Clothes

Believe me, after a day of serious exercise and sweat you’ll be dying to get clean and washed. Our trek lasted all day on a steep incline until we reached our tiny village where we were to sleep on the first night.  A cold shower was the only option but it was just what we needed! Utterly freezing but cleansing and refreshing.  I only brought one set of dry clothes and though they were useful to change into on the first day, I really could have used something else to wear on the second day as my clothes hadn’t dried out.

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel - Kiri trekking

Carry as lightweight clothes as you can, but ensure you have more than one set. Depending on what trek you do, there is almost always a waterfall or stream to take a dip in so swimwear is essential too. We were lucky enough to find a natural slide during our trek!

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel - Natural slide in Chiang Mai

While trekking always make sure you look after the environment, take all rubbish away with you, have respect for the wildlife taking care not to damage beautiful plants and trees.  Visiting an elephant sanctuary is often part of Thai treks.  We stayed at a wonderful sanctuary where we could ride them and bathe them.  Just ensure that the company you choose to trek with is responsible and treating these magnificent creatures with the respect they deserve.

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel - Feeding the elephants

There is so much to love about Thailand travel and trekking is absolutely one of the best things you will ever do.

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel - A well deserved drink after the trek

All Images Copyright © Roscoe Duncan 2012

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Yes, this post got me really excited for trekking! I’m currently in Koh Samui, headed to Bangkok in a couple days, and then headed north after that. Thanks for your post about what to do in Bangkok, as well, can’t wait to see all the temples and the chaos of the city 🙂

+1 for taking light weight clothes, I was so freakin hot when I last went for a trek in Thailand, only had business clothes with me at the time though.

Jacinthe Milton says:

Trekking is one of my favorite thing to do when I’m on a travel. MY body misses the walking in a long distance and huge mountains.
Thanks anyway for sharing this tips and great experience on trekking.

Alex says:

Another reason why I have Thailand at the top of my travel wish list! Thanks so much for the info!

The scenery looks breathtaking. So lush and green! I also carry lots of snacks when I go trekking – I find myself constantly munching. 🙂

Such great tips and that elephant pic…just wow!

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