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Malaysia Travel – One day in Penang

Penang is a city that deserves far more time than one day, I know.  When I spent six months living in Thailand, Penang was the most common visa run stop over.  For my friends and I, it was only ever a whistle stop tour.  Seeing as that one day was so memorable, I now have every hope of going back and spending a little longer. Malaysia travel is still sitting high up on my list. A few days here and there have helped me fall for this country in a big way and I can’t wait to go back.

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel - Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Malaysia Travel – Kek Lok Si Temple

With only one day to burn, you’ll want to get a bit of culture in and Kek Lok Si Temple is absolutely worth a visit.  This Chinese Temple is on the outskirts of town, another reason why I chose to visit. Why? Because I love nothing more than using the public transport of Malaysia. It’s so cheap and economical.  I grab myself a window seat and watch this new world go by.

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel - Super clean buses of Penang

Arriving at the last bus stop, you spill out onto a road laid with market stalls.  It’s very tempting to duck into one of the shops and tinker about but if you glance up, you remember why you’re there!  Kek Lok Si Temple’s golden stupa gleams and entices you in.  It’s no mean feat getting to the top, with endless stairs and determined locals selling their wears on route.

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel - Kek Lok Si Temple

Now who doesn’t love a happy turtle? Literally hundreds (or possibly thousands – I didn’t count!) live alongside the monks of Kek Lok Si.  Ever the peaceful creatures, this turtle community are adored by all the visitors and they’re a wonderful sight as you step  into the grounds.

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel - Turtles of Kek Lok Si

This temple is famous for it’s Ten Thousand Buddhas which are lovingly placed throughout the grounds.  The temple has a great feel and is absolutely huge.  We stopped to light a candle and add our wish ribbon to the wishing tree.

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel - Prayer candles at Kek Lok Si

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel - Wishing ribbon at Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si is set high up over the city and the view from the top is incredible.  Buddha has a very happy home here.

For the rest of the day, we managed to fit in a spot of shopping at one of the many complexs around the centre city.  The shopping here has nothing on the decadence of Kuala Lumpur but it’s still worth a wander around. We spent enough time shopping to build up an appetite for our evening meal!

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel - Shopping in Penang

Now I might be biased with my Indian roots, but Penang (and Malaysia on the whole) has the most sensational Indian food.  We were staying very near Little India and I was literally bursting at the seams after our phenomenal traditional meal. Authentic Tandoor ovens, steaming hot masala chai and mouth watering rich curries finished off our one day in Penang perfectly.

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel - Little India meal in Penang


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Stephen says:

I only had one day in Penang, but I loved it. So much good food and culture squeezed into that one little city.

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