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How to Scrapbook – Travel Memories

Sometimes I find that the online world has taken over my life. Don’t we all feel like that sometimes?  I have fond memories of writing a diary in my teens, I still have them all somewhere. I cherish those records of how I was feeling at a particular time.  Things, that to people who don’t keep a diary will inevitably be forgotten, lost amongst all the new memories.

how to scrapbook

How to Scrapbook - Kiri's scrapbook

When I was around 12 or so my best friend and I used to write each other letters. We would see each other at school everyday so there was pretty much no point in us writing each other.  We did because we both shared that feeling of joy at getting mail; personal mail with our very own name on it.  It felt so special.  It still does. (Well as long as it’s not a bill or call to the dentist of course).

The excitement just before opening a personal letter will always excite me.  Same goes for when a colorful postcard pops through my letterbox.  When I write postcards on this trip I often imagine how they will make my friend of family feel when it arrives. With all this online bombardement something tangible that can be placed in my hand still means so much to me.

how to scrapbook

How to scrapbook - Kiri not online!

From letter writing at age 12, I then got my first mobile phone at age 16 and the world of texting took over.  Years were spent (and probably still are) on the short and sweet text. Of course it’s convenient but language for almost everyone but me became stunted.

I’m glad to say that I still never use shortened LOL’s and the like as I just have far too much respect for the English language and I don’t really care that it takes me an extra few seconds to type the words in full. Naturally, I do still communicate with friends via social networks and email and of course there’s Skype – the lifeline for long term travellers.

The same goes for scrapbooks.  Very few people keep these treasured books anymore. It’s a lot of time and effort. In our minimalistic, anti-cluttered lives, scrapbooks are for the frivolous, the sentimental.

Well you can happily slap that label on my forehead as I am the sentiment queen and still find it very hard to throw away even the silliest of things.

When it comes to travel, I’m proud that I have seen so much of the world. Every place is alive to me still, in more ways than one.

Photos will always be the first and best memory. Photos take us right back and with Facebook and Twitter, we can share our holiday/travel photos at the press of a few buttons.

Sometimes, though, photos are misleading.  I have some photos in my travel albums that show a scene of place and though it might seem a great memory, it actually reminds me that I was feeling crappy that day or homesick or whatever…

Diaries tell the truth and even though it isn’t a regular thing for me anymore, sometimes I still get that burning need to write down how I feel. Yes, I’m a writer and blogger but there are things that the online world doesn’t need to know and thoughts that are just for me.  Do people still write diaries anymore?  Do people write postcards?

how to scrapbook

How to Scrapbook - train tickets and memories

I love the romance of physically writing a postcard, slapping on a stamp from wherever I am in the world and crossing my fingers that it will eventually reach it’s destination.  I will never stop sending postcards and now there are new and innovative ways to send them.  Postcard printing allows you to design your own unique card, where you can add your favorite travel photos. Whether you send them directly from the online company with a message attached or send them to yourself and write the card – it’s a lovely way to make postcards a poignant part of travel. I’m such a sentiment queen, I’d probably send one to myself just so I had another thing to slip into my scrapbook. It would be a happy addition amongst all the other tidbits that mark a life well travelled.

how to scrapbook

How to Scrapbook - words, phrases & map keepsakes

When I say, ‘how to scrapbook’, I guess I mean my way.  Everyone is different and there is no real ‘how to’. If a bus ticket from Bangkok reminds you of meeting a certain someone, or a cocktail stick from a hilarious drinking session brings back warm memories, then that is personal to you.  My scrapbooks are filled with everything from ticket stubs to matchboxes, to random (terrible) sketches. Every time I cruise through these scrapbooks it takes me right back to where I was when I wrote it.  And that is priceless.

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Angela says:

This is a great post, and I love the photos! I try to keep a diary and a scrapbook when I’m travelling, but sometimes I stress too much about not making it look perfect that I never start. I really just need to do it and not worry.

Will Peach says:

Kiri you know I hate the whole scrapbooking process! You did this just to spite me didn’t you?

Kiri Bowers says:

Maybe I did Will?! 😉 No in all sadness, I am that girl that always makes her own cards, writes a diary and keeps all sorts of random bollox from around the world. So shoot me… Oh god. You’re actually going to aren’t you…?

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