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Introducing Travel Writer Chelsea Schmidt

travel writerChelsea Schmidt joins 2 Backpackers as a regular weekly contributor.  We welcome her to the team and look forward to reading about her travel experiences from around the world.

Chelsea is just a small town girl who had her heart set on seeing the world. Besides quick family trips across the border to Mexico (back when passports weren’t needed) Chelsea stayed close to home in her youth. But give a girl a passport and adventure is bound to happen. Since starting her first international trip back in 2008, Chelsea has managed to visit 22 countries and is still checking them off. On her travels she has circumnavigated the world on a ship, visited Machu Picchu, climbed Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, seen the Taj Mahal, and much, much more.

travel writerBesides traveling, Chelsea also loves the expat lifestyle. Setting down, meeting the locals, having her “regular” spots, and just getting to know a place more intimately is a huge appeal. This year alone she has put down roots in Buenos Aires, Cusco, and Cartagena, Colombia. Eventually wanderlust kicks in again though and Chelsea is off to travel again.

Chelsea can be found all over the internet, guest posting for a variety of travel sites. She also co-runs a site on food and travel with her partner, Jaime Torregrosa. Together they cook, eat, and travel their way around the world, making us all super jealous in the process.

If you’d like to know more about Chelsea or want to contact her with a question, just head on over to her personal site and drop her a line.

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