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Australia Travel – Bondi Beach

Made famous by the tv show Bondi Rescue, Bondi Beach is one of the top things to see when exploring Australia travel.  I wanted to head down there to see what all the fuss was about and prove that not all tourists are destined to be crappy swimmers and in need of rescue.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Australia Travel – Bondi Beach, Sydney by Gabes1982, on Flickr

Bondi Beach

Australia Travel – Bondi Beach Surf Rescue

 Getting to Bondi

It’s too easy getting to Bondi from city central.  We jumped on at Town Hall and it took around ten minutes on the double decker metro system. Once in Bondi Village, we took a bus through the town to get to the beach. The whole journey was done in about half an hour.  The town is charming and the beach itself is a lot smaller than I had imagined. This wasn’t a bad thing at all, it was just the right space.

Surfing at Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is always busy in good weather and the surfers were out in force .  We caked on the suncream as we’d already learnt our lesson about how quickly you can burn in Australia.

I approached the water fully intending it to be warm but it was seriously cold.  I guess I’d been spoiled spending the last six months living in Thailand in fabulous warm azure waters… I had a quick bracing dip before hypothermia kicked in.

Bondi Beach

Australia Travel – Roscoe Surfing at Bondi beach

Roscoe was keen to surf so borrowed our friends vest and off he went to try his hand at it.  He must have been out there for an hour or so and the colour of his lips when he returned said it all!

Surfing, I hear, is seriously hard first time and despite Roscoe being very sporty he found it challenging.  Just finding space amongst all the other surfers was a real effort.

Knowing when to go for a wave was equally hard. Despite this he loved it, of course, and I’m sure he’ll be doing it again somewhere else around the world.

Watching the surfers at Bondi is really rather special. We watched whole generations of families passing on their tricks and advice, sharing a picnic and playing in the sand.

Having a beach like this a stone’s throw away from a vibrant city like Sydney is a real treat. It’s little wonder that Sydney is such a sought after place to live.

Eating at Bondi Beach

What does anyone want whilst enjoying a day on a beach? Fish n chips! There are so many cafes and fancy restaurants along the beach but on our backpacker budget we craved for little more than fresh fish and chunky chips.

This wasn’t a sore substitute though as the place we went to had a queue well outside the door and dozens of satisfied customers munching away. Always a good sign. This sort of lunch was perfect on our budget and with the freshest ingredients going, it was enough to rival the fish n chips of back home in the UK. And that’s saying something!

Bondi Beach

Australia Travel – Surfers at Bondi Beach

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