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UK Travel – Visit Wales

My memories of Wales are pretty stereotypical. They involve bracing country walks, lots of sheep and a cosy farmhouse. I must have been around six or seven… These images float through my mind when I remember visiting this part of the UK.

Visit Wales

Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales by asebest, on Flickr

Wales is famous for many things, a mind boggling language with some of the longest most complicated words imaginable, the delicious Welsh rarebit and the aging sex bomb that is Tom Jones. With a history that predates England, Wales is a nation steeped in history too. Even for Londoner’s like myself, Wales is a place often undiscovered and by being away from my country I realise why it is such a sought after place to visit. Travellers from all over the globe visit to experience its love of Rugby, sample the foods of the organic farms or indulge in one of the gorgeous Spa breaks in Wales.

Memories of Wales

I’ve been thinking about Wales lately. On my current Round the World Trip, one of the best people I have met was an 18 year old Welsh girl, Emily. She was a girl I instantly adored, full of life, itching to experience new things and always fun to be around. It’s a cheesy saying, but she lit up the room. I spent six months living in Thailand with her as one of my closest friends and it is a time in my life that I will never forget. Emily was brought up on a farm in Wales. She was a grafter, down to earth, warm and up for anything. When she would describe her life on the farm I would remember my summer holiday with my family back when I was little.

Visit Wales

Overlooking Pant-yr-awel in the Ogmore valley by, on Flickr

My Dad instilled in us the joy of country walks and we would often visit Glasgow or the Lake District. One summer we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Wales on a tiny farm. I remember the steaming plates of eggs and bacon every morning, being fascinated as we learnt how to shear a sheep and most of all I remember being tucked into bed by my Mum with a story and a lit fire making the room a cocoon of warmth.

This kind of quaint holiday still holds such an appeal to me, years on and many air miles under my belt.

My Next Visit to Wales

Visit Wales

Prince of Wales Engine House by bobchin1941, on Flickr

Fast forward to today and I’ve decided that when I return I want to make the most of my country. I love to travel and I normally always dream of far flung places when in fact much of my own country is still unexplored. Emily and I are going to reunite along with all my Thailand friends on her farm. She’s going to let us loose on her tractor, we’re going to brew our own beer and mostly cause a lot of havoc.

There are so many things I still want to do. I’m going to experience my first ever proper pampering session when I go for some Spa days in Cardiff.  Many of the spas in this region have been voted some of the best in England. With sprawling acres of beautiful Welsh countryside at the resorts, I can’t think of anything more wonderful. There are no less than 600 castles in Wales too, so I’ll be making a beeline for a few of the most impressive ones. I’ll be going up Snowdon again and sticking to my Dad’s advice of taking many walks with a flask of hot tea. I might even try sheering another sheep… When in Wales!

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