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Costa Rica Travel – Finding Paradise in Montezuma

Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica Travel – Montezuma – Photo by C o r i n n e

Everyone has their own version of paradise. Mine must include a beach, great weather, yummy tropical fruits, and a great community of open minded free spirited people like myself. I have found a few places that get close to my perfect paradise while traveling and Montezuma in Costa Rica is definitely near the top of the list.

Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica Travel – Montezuma – Photo by davebrenner

Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Montezuma is a small town with a big heart. It began as a small fishing village but has turned itself into a paradise of great food, awesome beachside accommodations, and all with a fun, youthful vibe. It has been passed over by the larger Costa Rica tourism developments and still has a uniquely local feel. That being said, Montezuma is incredibly diverse with a nice mix of local Costa Ricans, travelers from every corner of the globe, and plenty of foreigners who fell in love with the place and never left.

For the Beach Lovers

Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica Travel – Montezuma – Photo by Christian Haugen

If your idea of paradise is nice peaceful beaches, surfing, and gorgeous coastlines, Montezuma has it all. The most popular beach, Playa Grande is a great place to just sit back and sunbath. It is a little north of the town center but easy to walk to. Playa Las Manchas is another great beach, a good place for snorkeling, and just about a 15 minute walk south of town. The tide pools at Playa Rocas are pretty cool as well.

Playa Montezuma in town is a bit polluted and mainly used for the fishing boats. Further outside of town, at Playa Cocolito you can sign up for horseback riding on the beach or check out the famous and beautiful El Chorro waterfall as it pours into the sea.

Along the beaches you will find great little bars and restaurants with the freshest seafood imaginable. You can also rent surfboards, book tours to more distant beaches, and sign up for scuba diving lessons. There are a number of surf camps that can teach you the basics but experienced surfers usually head to Playa Los Cedros which has some of the best swells.

For the Eco Traveler

Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica Travel – Montezuma – Photo by Christian Haugen

Montezuma has more than great beaches though. The nearby Cabo Blanco Nature Preserve attracts eco-travelers and nature lovers year round. You can hike around the jungle, swim in the parks crystal clear rivers, and check out popular local spots like the nearby waterfalls.

Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica Travel – Montezuma – Photo from Wikipedia

There are plenty of eco-friendly options when it comes to accommodation and in town there are an unusually high number of vegetarian restaurants for such a small community. People come here to relax and to connect with nature through nature hikes, yoga retreats, and spiritual retreats. That being said, there is still a lively and fun nightlife scene when the small town’s bars and restaurants come to life with the beats of all the best latin music.

Couple Travel Tips

  • If you go surfing, watch out for the rip tide currents which can be really strong and dangerous, especially for anyone just learning to surf.
  • Make sure you bring enough money for at least a few days of fun. There is only one ATM in town and it is doesn’t work or is out of money half the time.
  • Stick around for the Saturday farmers market. This is when you can really see the eco, laid back lifestyle of the local population with organic produce, handicrafts, and musicians playing for tips.

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