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Photo of the Day: Guatemala Independence Day

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Guatemala Independence Day

Watch the HD Travel Guatemala Video: Guatemala Independence Day – Video Episode 10

Guatemala commemorates their independence from Spain on September 15th. This photo was taken during their celebrations in Antigua, Guatemala. Many local marching bands parade the city streets in an all day long competition. If you are visiting Antigua during the weeks leading up to Independence Day, expect to be woken up every morning by bands practicing in the schools around the city.

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Katrina says:

Very nice shot! The only thing that confuses me is why you would put a strap under your nose.

Jason says:

Me too. I looked it up and found that it has been more of a cool factor in recent years for bands. As long as they all do it to stay uniform. They tilt their hat down, covering their eyes so they look more intimidating.

Cool shot! I love the action and contrast of colors in their uniforms.

jason says:

Nice! I love the steaming volcano in the background.

Claire says:

that’s right……no shame 🙂 sometimes it’s the only way to get a good shot if you really really really want it!

T-roy says:

Beautiful picture! So they let you jump right in the middle of it and take it?

Aracely says:

Well…I wouldn’t say that they ‘technically’ let me. But there is no shame in my game. I got right in there for the shot.

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