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Backpackers & Tattoos – Travel Video Ep. 8

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Watch Jason get his first tattoo ever in Antigua, Guatemala in an HD travel video from 2 Backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani, while visiting Antigua, Guatemala.   In travel video episode #8, we both get some tattoo work done and introduce you to Mike from Antigua Tattoo, who creates tattoos for several of us from Basecamp Hostel. Enjoy the my first tattoo and my first tattoo video!

Antigua Tattoo

It’s stereotypical of backpackers to get a tattoo during their travels away from home.  I fulfilled that stereotype, but I had wanted this tattoo of a burning sun for the last 3 years.

I was in Antigua, Guatemala, the first stop on our 1 year travel journey.  After Aracely was feeling better, we both took the advice from those working at Base Camp Hostel and visited Mike, owner of Tatuaje Antigua (Antigua Tattoo).   Mike had been doing some incredible work on a multi-visit tattoo for Victor, who worked at the hostel we were staying at and we were impressed.  It was an easy decision to choose Antigua Tattoo.

travel video

Jason Getting His First Tattoo

Sun Tattoo

I knew I wanted a tattoo of a burning sun with the words, “Carpe Diem.”  The struggle would be making it look masculine enough to center between the shoulder blades below the neck.  I imagine the sun as all powerful for all of nature, including me.  The heat gives me energy and the ability to live life as exciting of a life as I can.   After making several sketches on my own, I presented the concept to Mike.  After a few days, Mike came back with an improved artistic design that Aracely and I both approved of.   I had expanded the words to include the phrase, “Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero” – “Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future.”   This was the entire phrase from the Latin poem by Horace.

Being my first tattoo, you would think I was a bit nervous, but considering Aracely already had one, a rose on the shoulder that she got when she was 18, I kept my manhood intact by showing no fear!

Mike finished the tattoo in 2 hours.  The results were perfect.  I got exactly what I was looking for, and now, coincidentally fit the backpackers stereotype.

Blue Rose Tattoo

The inking wasn’t done, however.  Aracely originally had her blue rose tattoo done when she was 18 and at the age of 27 it had become quite dull.  Mike took 10 minutes to redo the entire rose, and now it was colorful again.

We returned back to Base Camp Hostel with our warrior badges and shared our experiences with the other 3 that had recently been inked by Mike at Antigua Tattoo.

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Sean says:

When I was in Sao Paulo, I got a tattoo that I had wanted to get for awhile – the words are in Portuguese (many reasons for wanting to get Portuguese despite the fact I don’t speak it well). I then decided that I wouldn’t get it unless it was in a Portuguese-speaking country. When I finally made it to Brazil, I made it happen.

Sounds like a good plan to make that tattoo even more special to you. I like to do that too. It’s something permanent, and I want each one to have a lot of meaning for me. So what does it say? Do you have a picture of it?

Samuel says:

Awesome video!

I’m just wondering – what sort of computer have you brought with you on your trip? I’m in search of a small laptop that can edit HD-movies for my trip as well, so I’d guess you have good equipment? Thanx in advance!

Jason says:

We are using a big old MacBook Pro, which is not light nor small.

Melvin says:

Have you checked the spelling before… and after?

Melvin says:

And by the way… very nice tattoo! I really like it when people take their time and that the tattoo has a meaning for them.

Jason says:

Thanks Melvin, I thought this one out for a few years. It was worth it.

Victor says:

GREAT video guys. Congratulations on the engagement, that photo is really great as well. As for the tattoo scene, I will be sure to show Mike this video as I go in for my FINAL session (i will believe it when he says, “that’s it”) after over 30 hours of ink. When the eye of the Dragon IS inked, it becomes alive…and the tat is finished. I wish you guys could actually see it. But I do not have any cool latin words inscribed around it or anything. I will work on that. I love that saying by the way. Love it.
take care guys, travel safe!!

Jason says:

Take some pictures of that awesome tattoo and put them on Facebook. We would love to see it!

Adam says:

So how long until you can put the pack back on without any discomfort?

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