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Travel Photo – Sunset at Isla del Sol, Bolivia

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Bolivia Travel - Sunset at Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

The best of Bolivia

After a full day of hiking from the north part of Isla del Sol island to the south, we took a rest at a restaurant with an amazing view of Lake Titicaca.  The hours passed and the sun began to hide behind the horizon.  The sunset slowly revealed some amazing colors and relfections.

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Kara says:

Gorgeous photo, love the colour of the sky! 🙂

Krystal says:

What a beautiful photo?

John says:

Beautiful shot – i love the pink clouds that draw your eye to the horizon.

Elizabeth says:

I just cannot get over the pink slab of sky, the lines are almost dead straight.


Thanks Andi, the colors were incredible.

Alouise says:

Beautiful photo.

Thanks Alouise, it’s one to remember.

JoAnna says:

What a fantastic photo! That would have been a great way to end a full day of hiking!

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