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Travel Photo – Elderly Woman, El Salvador

pictures of old people

Travel Photo – Elderly Woman Resting in the Square of Juayua, El Salvador

The town of Juayua, El Salvador organizes a food festival every weekend. It’s a large production and after experiencing it, we were very impressed with how much work goes into this on a weekly basis. This photos was taken while walking around the town. We noticed an elderly woman sitting on a park just people watching.

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andi says:

Beautiful capture!

love portrait shots — this is a great one

Kyle Morgan says:

Great shot! I love taking people shots while traveling, but always feel bad about it. Do you just snap the picture and turn away, or what do you do?

uner says:

nice one. now i miss taking street portrait

Reminds me of that Pearl Jam song “Elderly woman behind the counter.” Cool pic.


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