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Travel Patagonia – Puerto Natales, Chile

Travel Patagonia

Puerto natales 1 371 by Adriuu, on Flickr

If you are planning to travel patagonia and visit Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, you will inevitably arrive to Puerto Natales.  Lying next to the cloudy turquoise glacier shores of Seno Ultima Esperanza, extreme wind conditions are common.  It’s a small town with most buildings only a single story with the main street clearly more developed and groomed than the less traveled side streets.  Like many of the towns visited in Patagonia, they have become entirely dependent on tourism, from the backpacker to tour groups of retirees.  Towns centered on tourism mean you will typically find a modern super market, plenty of adventure rental equipment, touristy restaurants and unlimited lodging.

Travel Patagonia

Puerto Natales by darobin, on Flickr

If you are looking for traditions and off the beaten path villages, you won’t find it here, however Puerto Natales has a relaxing charm, with German influence,  that suits the Patagonia landscape well.  And most importantly, Germans make good beer.

Adventure Gear

Most streets are lined with hostels and tour agencies.  If you plan to hike Torres del Paine on your own, you may only need to rent equipment, visit the super market and purchase a bus ride to the park’s entrance.  With new businesses opening often in Puerto Natales, it is best to ask others in your hostel where they rented equipment.  Doite is the most common brand of outdoor equipment offered by outfitters in town.  In comparison to Cusco, Peru, Patagonia outfitters offer much higher quality equipment.  Several hostels offer equipment rental, but be sure to shop around first, prices will vary.

Puerto Natales offers more than a visit or trek to the three towers.  Ice climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and fly fishing are all popular activities that can be booked in town.

Travel Patagonia

Austral Calafate Ale Patagonia Beer

After a long trek in Torres del Paine, be sure to spoil yourself with some cheer and wonderful food from the many choices of restaurants.  We preferred the Austral Calafate Ale, a berry (Calafate) flavored brew and a delicious seafood bowl for dinner.

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Budget Travel Tips

Save money by seeking out dorm hostels for $5,000 pesos a night.  We scored this rate by visiting Nancy’s Hostel and staying in their adjacent building with no sign.  The hostel had a warm shower and kitchen, but no refrigerator.  They will still allow you to visit the main hostel, Nancy’s, for wifi, cooking and to keep your food cool.  It is also possible to hitch hike your ride to the park’s entrance, saving $10,000 pesos.

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Dina says:

The lake photo is incredible!

Nancie says:

I also love that top shot. In fact, most of your shots of Chile amaze me.

Laura says:

Beautiful photo! Puerto Natales is a lovely town. We found that sticking to a budget there and most anywhere in Chile was tough. Good tips for finding affordable lodging. We arrived late in the evening and were able to strike a deal with one of the people from the hostels who were there to meet the buses. We also ate a lot of empanadas from the local supermarket. 😉

Jason says:

Yes, Chile is very expensive relative to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. Patagonia, in addition, is very pricey. We also cooked most of our meals, saving a lot of money. We always made sure the hostel had a kitchen.

Steve says:

Can’t wait to go there someday. The top photo is really beautiful.

JB says:

I’m in Bolivia and working my way there – hope to arrive in February so thanks for the tips!

Jason says:

No problem. Enjoy your travels down to Patagonia!

Abby says:

LOVE that first photo! And your budget tips are always great.

Jason says:

Thanks Abby, being budget conscious, we always looked for a good deal.

Charu says:

That Chilean lake is so stunning! Seriously, LA is on my list (as in Latin America…not Los Angeles)!

Andi says:

Can’t wait to get there one day!!!

Benny says:

Yep, agree, the top photo is breathtaking. A combinantion of perfect place at perfect time

I feel a bit repetitive here, but that top photo is just breathtaking!

Marlene says:

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lovely photos as usual.

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