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Travel Photo – Costa Rica Cloud Forest Millipede

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Costa Rica Travel - Millipedes in the Monteverde Cloud Forest

Can you help us identify what kind of millipede this is? We found it while walking through the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. We do our best to label our travel photos correctly.

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Chris says:

This is a nice picture; I am particularly intrigue by insects. 🙂

Mykonos says:

This is an amazing picture! Love the detail!

Hannah D says:

Shots like this make me appreciate how amazing these creatures are so much more than when they wriggling over my head and hands when trying to get through the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam.

Damn, straight out of Jurassic Park…

Do a Google Images search for “Nyssodesmus python” – that’s what I believe this is (or something very close)…

I think that is exactly right Shawn! Thanks for the extra info.

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