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Photo of the Day: Active Volcano Tungurahua

Tungurahua, (pronounced /tʊŋɡʊˈrɑːwə/), (Quichua tunguri (throat), rahua (fire): “Throat of Fire”) is an active stratovolcano located in the Cordillera Central of Ecuador. The volcano gives its name to the province of Tungurahua. Volcanic activity restarted in 1999 and is ongoing as of 2008 with major eruptions on August 16, 2006 and on February 6, 2008. During our visit to Baños volcano Tungurahua was showing a lot of activity. During the day this is what could be seen from the town of Baños. We rode four wheelers to have a closer look where we could hear the rumble of the angry volcano. At night the sight was even more impressive as the shooting rocks glowed in the darkness.

Active Volcano, Active Volcano in Ecuador

Active Volcano Tungurahua in Baños, Ecuador

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Nice! It really does exist… we got fogged out the entire time we were in Banos. It’s almost a the perfect cone shapped volcano

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