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Travel Photo of the Day: Basílica del Voto Nacional

Cathedrals in Quito Ecuador

Basilica de Quito

Basilica del Voto National is a church that dominates Old Quito’s skyline.  Its neo-Gothic architecture gives it an almost eerie facade. Visitors can climb all the way to the top of these towers for a truly amazing view of the city below.  At various moments of our ascend we assumed that we could not continue to climb up but we were wrong a few times.  It is pretty shocking how far up a daring soul can climb up its towers not only inside but outside the giant towers.

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NAme says:

Nice shoot! I’ll ask my friend to take me there this autumn when I’m going to Ecuador!

Jason says:

It’s an incredible climb in the church. You are able to climb all the way to the top.

Dharmendra Kr Rai says:

A Blog filled with travel stories & a huge collection of travel photos and good taken from around the world.

Dorian says:

How far away were you when you snapped this shot?? nicely done

Jason says:

We were on the roof on the other end of the church. It’s huge.

Steve says:

Awesome picture. I have visited Quito before just hadn’t been able to take pictures. Thanks for reminding me of how beautiful these places are.

Jason says:

It is an incredible city with some amazing architecture and lots of cathedrals of course.

I LOVE this photo sooo much!!!

Jason says:

Thanks Andi! We always appreciate you visiting and commenting.

Beautiful shot – highly symmetrical.

Jason says:

Thanks for visiting Samuel.

Meg Rulli says:

This is a great photo Aracely! You have true talent! What kind of camera do you use? I am on the market for a good camera before I go RTW in January and would love any recommendations!

Jason says:

We used an entry level Canon SLR kit. Rebel XSi. Today we take more photos with our compact point and shoot and cameras. I know it’s contrary to quality photos, but I think with social sharing sites so popular, that quick spontaneous phone photos are the future. However, there is definitely a difference in quality when using an SLR. And we still take it on trips with us, but it is a pain to carry it.

Nice picture you two!
John D. Wilson
aka The Big Mozey

Cam says:

Cool photo – definitely one of the most impressive cathedrals in South America

Anil says:

Was just there myself 🙂 and will be writing about that climb up – not the easiest if you don’t like heights!

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