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Sunday In The Tarabuco Market, Bolivia

How to spend your Sunday morning while visiting Sucre, Bolivia.

In Tarabuco, Bolivia, Sunday begins bright and early, 4am early for the Yampara people who walk 4 to 6 hours up and over mountain ranges into town to participate in the weekly market.

Tarabuco Bolivia

The Town of Tarabuco

Tarabuco is located in the Chuquisaca department, 2 hours by bus from Sucre, Bolivia.

Tabaruco Market

Fresh Vegetables at Tarabuco Market

Many people wear the traditional Yampara clothing which helps preserve their identity.

Yampara Traditional Clothing

Man On The Left Is Wearing Traditional Yampara Clothing

The market attracts locals and tourists alike.

Tarabuco Market

Tarabuco Market

Anything from textiles to medicinal plants to fresh vegetables are sold at the Tarabuco market.

Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Natural Dyes

Natural Dyes For Textiles

At the far back end of the market, where not many tourist go, there is a section where bartering is still practiced.

Bardering at Tabaruco Market

Bartering at Tarabuco Market

Tarabuco is most famously known for it’s impressive weaving traditions.

Tabaruco Style Weavings

Tarabuco Style Weaving

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Jozef Maxted says:

Wow, This get me very excited for our trip there in February! Thanks for the post!

Andreas says:

Great , I want to go there, I want to go everuwhere , world is just amazing.

Terri says:

The colours are amazing. I love all the hats too

neha says:

Love this set – I think it’s the colours and the chaos, it reminds me a little bit of home.

Paul says:

Great photos and blogging!

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