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Photo of the Day: Train Of The Clouds In Northern Argentina

The most amazing train in the world, the one that takes you to the clouds, reaches a height of 4,200 meters in its 217 km trip. It is one of the highest railways in the world, taking its way across the high picks of the Cordillera de los Andes, surrounded by striking sceneries. The train departs from the city of Salta, passes through the Valle de Lerma, enters the Quebrada del Toro and finally reaches La Puna.

It takes its name Tren a las Nubes, from the clouds that are often seen under bridges and around slopes. – Tren a las Nubes

We did not ride the train but we did go on a wild chase to catch a glimpse of it.

northwest argentina La Polvorilla Viaduct

Tren a las Nubes or Train Of The Clouds In Northern Argentina on La Polvorilla Viaduct

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Dina says:

My favourite train photography! Stunning setting and angle.

Abi from Inside the Travel Lab says:

W-o-w. Though I partly think I’d prefer to travel along this track in the dark…

Leigh says:

I’m going to be in Salta in January so I think the train ride is a possibility. I want to go when I see that picture. I’m super impressed with your photos!

Jason says:

Glad you enjoyed it Leigh. We actually didn’t ride the train, instead we rented a vehicle and toured the Northwest Region of Argentina for 7-days. An amazing experience. We wanted to get pictures of it though, so we drove to the trains destination, where it stops for about 20 minutes before it’s return.

ayngelinai says:

Love how the train draws your eye across the image

Mark H says:

You have to admire the feats of engineering that goes into building the tracks for these far-flung and high railways.

Jason says:

I agree Mark. This bridge was pretty cool.

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