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Photo of the Day: Cusco Plaza de Armas at Night

Cusco is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Latin America. Surrounded by buildings built on the foundation of the great Inca empire you get a sense of ancient history. Cusco stays up 24 hours as you can see in this busy late night photo at the Plaza de Armas.

Cusco Peru Tours

Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru at Night

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Sonya says:

Love your photography! Another evocative photo of the day!

Greg says:

Cusco is one my favorite cities in Latin America. A really beautiful place! Was there in 2001 and hope to get back soon. It’s a great launching pad for the Sacred Valley (the Pisac market my our favorite) and beyond. Thanks for posting an awesome shot!

T-roy says:

Great night shoot! Did you use a tripod on for this photo? I have to say i was surprised at how much night life there was in Cusco, you could party all night (for next to nothing if you get those free drink coupons on the street) in 15+ different bars, all within walking distance of each other.

Jason says:

Hey Troy, I believe I had to have it sitting on something, I just don’t remember what. I know, you had that entire free drink thing worked out pretty good. It is pretty crazy there, considering they party till morning.

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