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Photo of the Day: Funny Beer Bait & Bullets Picture

After a trip to Springfield, Illinois, my Mother brought home this funny photograph for our enjoyment.  Yup, she pulled off on the side of the road to capture this essential convenience store.   I can’t help but imagine all the evil things one can do after visiting this store.  Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this funny picture made you smile.

Funny Sign

One Stop Shopping at Beer, Bait & Bullets

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Dina says:

beer, bait, and bullets! what a creepy mix..

Bill says:

One stop shopping for Sarah Palin maybe.

Jason says:

What do you mean maybe? Absolutely! Thanks for commenting.

Adam says:


Unfortunately this is the norm round these parts. I don’t even flinch seeing something like this.

Jason says:

I lot in Missouri we hear. I have family in Illinois.

ayngelinai says:

That is hilarious.
And sad.

Mark H says:

Everything you need in life?

cailin says:

this is awesome and disturbing, did you attempt to buy all 3? haha

They probably have these all over the midwest…kind of a scary thought.

Abby says:

So suburban USA. Hilarious!

so. not. surprised. (I am currently living in the South and did during college and this is the kind of thing you see regularly here!)

Jason says:

I agree. It brought back memories of living in North Carolina. Although I still love that state.

Nick Laborde says:

Awesome, everything in one place for a typical saturday night.

Jason says:

Exactly. A fun, crazy Saturday night!

Poi says:

That is one hell of a dangerous mix!

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