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Photo of the Day: NYC Skylines at Night

From atop the Empire State Building you can capture the best views of New York City’s midtown cityscape.  On a clear night you can see the lights from New Jersey’s waterfront, all the bridges connecting Manhattan and Times Square lighting up Midtown’s skyscrapers.


NYC Cityscape at Night

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Bea from NJ says:

From where did you take this pic? it is incredible!

Jason says:

Hey Bea, we took from atop the Empire State Building on the Friday night after this past Thanksgiving. It was dead in the city, a great time to go up.

Elise says:

I can’t WAIT to go there! We are heading to NYC for Christmas and New Years Eve this year. Your photo is stunning-a beautiful cityscape and such a clear night! Although, I am a little worried about how cold it will be there-this will be my first white christmas ever!

Jason says:

I hope it’s a white Christmas for you! But, most of our snow is usually after the Holidays, but you never know! Enjoy your stay in NYC.

Elise says:

I hope it is too! Even if it isn’t just having a cold christmas will be a first! I’ll have to learn to ice skate i guess too!

Nancie says:

WOW! Stunning shot. What a clear night.

Marlene says:

your artistic ability and imagination are incredible……………….thank you once again.

Jason says:

Thanks Marlene for the kind words. We are learning more about photography everyday, and still have much more to learn.

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