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10 Things to Love About India

Is India the most colourful, mad, exciting country in the world?  Probably.  Alastair Humphreys shares India with us through his lens.

Here are ten things I love about India.

Pictures of India

1. Surprised, Confused or Amused

There’s never a dull moment in India. Wherever you look, at all times of day or night, you will see something that surprises you, confuses you, or amuses you.
Urine pass is prohibited at this place

photos of india

photos of india

2. Tea

If there is anywhere on Earth that is more obsessed with tea drinking than us English, then it is India.  A hot glass of sweet, milky tea at a roadside stall is a lovely way to pause, relax, and chat.
photos of india

photos of india

photos of india

photos of india

3. Colour

India is a photographer’s dream.  The spices, the dyes, and the beautiful saris mean that you’ll definitely need to take more memory cards than you anticipated needing.
photos of india

photos of india

photos of india

photos of india

4. Kids

The children in India were not only cute and full of fun and smiles, they were also so polite and charming (unlike British kids!).  They also love having their pictures taken.
photos of india

Indian Boys

Indian Boys

Muslim girls

Indian Boys

Indian Boys

Indian Girls

Indian Boys

5. Food

The variety and deliciousness of India’s street food is wonderful, and a definite highlight of travelling in the country.
Street food

Indian Food Pictures

Indian Food Pictures

Indian Food Pictures

6. Cricket

Being from England means that in almost every country on Earth I find myself chatting regularly about our holy trinity of David Beckham, Princess Diana, and the Beatles.  But not in India. In India it is all about the cricket. I got roped into playing quite a few times as well.
Indian Cricket Pictures

Indian Cricket Pictures

7. Religion

The variety, colour and devotion involved in India’s kaleidoscope of religions is mesmerising.
Indian Religion Pictures

Namdroling Monastery
Indian Religion Pictures

Indian Religion Pictures

Indian Religion Pictures

Indian god

Indian Religion Pictures

Indian Religion Pictures

8. Trains

Train journeys in India are brilliant. Cheap, reliable, regular and a great way to see the country, meet people, and eat a lot of samosas!
Indian rail travel

Indian Trains

Indian rail travel

9. Cows

Any country that has cows wandering around the streets scores highly in my book!
Pictures of India

Cows in India

10. Mix of Old and New

In India, on a daily basis, you see what life must have been like hundred of years ago. Some things remain totally unchanged.  And yet you also get a glimpse of the future, the exciting potential of a fast-developing superpower.
India Pictures

India Pictures

India Pictures

India Pictures

India Pictures

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Rose says:

Those spices are so colorful. I hope they taste good when mixed in food.

Subhi says:

I love your article. I am from India and I just loved the way you put these points down. Great pictures too! 🙂

Kopal says:

Very interesting way of putting things.
I am an Indian & appreciate your work.
India is indeed very well grounded in
old traditions & culture and yet quite progressive.

Peter says:

Your pics are stunning, Alastair! I want to go there after seeing so much purity in eyes and lifestyle.
If you ever come to Orlando, please connect?

It’s so great to find other India lovers on the net. Your photographs capture the mad joy, so I know you felt it too. Thanks for sharing! PS I publish an India travel blog and woldl LOVE to feature your photos on Breathedreamgo!

Tom says:

WOW! These photos are absolutely amazing. Great work!

I really want to get to India at some point in the future, and seeing photos like this make me want to leave right now!

M.Yesudass says:

Thank you for publishing a colourful article about India. One of the best characteristic qualities of India is its HOSPITALITY. India is the beloved mother of every human being on the planet.

Indiguru says:

I grew up in India, live in US. All of it is true, I am nostalgic for India now. There is an easy smile in people’s face; inspite of literally millions of problems! You see it in children anywhere in India, picture speaks louder than my words. Thx U. Indi.

‎28 States,1618 Languages,6400 Castes,6 major Religions, 6 Ethnic Groups,29 Major festivals& 1 Country and that is called INDIA….nice photo essay i must say …most of the part of the essay is related to southern india…next time u can explore more from northern india ,might be interesting for u 🙂

Jason says:

Thanks for visiting and commenting. This is clearly one of the best photo essays on our site.

sameer akhtar says:

nice shots.. and superb narration 🙂

Renata says:

What amazing photos! I can’t wait to get over to India one day. Thanks for sharing!!

Federico says:

Fantastic shots indeed!

boly says:

incredible india

Bodhisattva says:

what beautiful photographs! And yes, i love trains too, but not the local trains of Mumbai. Too crowded!

Theodora says:

Stunning, colourful pictures, and a great wrap, too. Thanks for sharing. And the humour too.

Audrey says:

WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHS!!! You capture India so beautifully!

Bodlagz says:

I so like the picture of the guy pouring the coffee or tea, reminds me of so many guys I have worked with, still haven’t figured out why they do that.

Gurpreet says:

Hi Bodlagz,

They pour the tea or coffee from one container to another with a flourish so as to mix it properly and make a little lather/ foam much like an expresso – only more manual and natural. Does that make sense? 🙂

Welcome to India,

Amro says:

What an awesome post and elegant photos, me too have fell in love with India 2years ago , I am an Egyptian student , so my life is very exciting between Egypt the Ancient civilization and history land And India the colorful mind blowing beauty and a culture very tempting to delve in and explore , i think i am gonna miss it all when i move to US , hope i can still come back and visit 🙂

Beautifully summed up. There’s also something about India that you cant catch on film, its one of those “you know it when you get there” moments. Thanks for a great post!

cailin says:

Gorgeous photographs!

Mara says:

Gorgeous post (although I don’t think British children are charmless – to Americans, the accent is irresistible!

A related thing I loved about India – breakfast on the train. A tin cup of tea and an omelet. Yum!

Kirsten says:

Unsurprisingly, these images are GORGEOUS!!!!! And they make me all that much more excited for my own trip to India in September. Thank you for sharing.

Jason says:

Enjoy your trip Kirsten. I have seen your photography and am sure you will have great photos from India too!

hari says:

great post 🙂

there are even some pictures here that will be fascinating for indians.

Nisha says:

I loved every single photo of this post. You’ve captured the essence of India.
Thanks for making me fall in love again with my country. 😉

Great pictures as always, Al! What draws me to India is the color, I just think of those bright reds and oranges, it just seems like a pretty amazing place. It’s photoessays like these, where you see the day to day life, and the off the beaten path images that makes things so interesting.

Raymond says:

Wow! The colours are amazing — I especially like the ones of the kids — they all look so happy!

Sarah Got A Passport says:

Your list really captures the spirit of India and your photos are lovely! Seems like things haven’t changed since my trip there in 2001.

Yvonne says:

great pictures! I always knew I wanted to travel India and these pics made me want it even more…

Ted Nelson says:

Ten compelling reasons to love and visit India with awesome pictures to go with it. Well done.

Juno says:

Beautiful… It’s really a good post to show how beautiful India is.

Don Faust says:

Great photos! I really want to go to India – the spice and dye piles and colorful markets have always intrigued me.

The Fistula Clinic kind of scares me…

Tina says:

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! What camera did you use?

Munya says:

Great post- love the pictures.

Connie says:

Beautiful pictures! You really have captured all the wonderful things that I love too about India! It’s only been a year but I think it’s time that I return!

Donesh Bajaj says:

Capturing the Gems

Excellent! so true…

Federico says:

A fantastic photoset! I am just hoping it doesn’t take me too long to go to India…

Clayton says:

Fantastic collection of pictures! Really enjoyed this. Made the perfect mid morning/mid week break from work 🙂 Thanks. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

Angela says:

What a gorgeous photo essay. I’ve just come back from India and I miss each and every point you make it this post.

laxman says:


You have some amazing photo’s here. Absolutely incredible work! Iook forward to travelling to India some day

i LOVE this – pictures DO speak a thousand words!

Neelima says:

Brilliant photos summing up the India perfectly! The photography is simply great.
Loved the 10 points which seem to be carefully chosen depicting the true essence of our country.

elsa says:

lovely photos. makes me realize what a bland society we live in. these photos make me want to go out and get color in my life! thanks so much for sharing!

Jason says:

The color is out there, we just have to go look for it. But, certainly color is represented very well here.

Aditya says:

This is freaking brilliant… Im from India and appreciate how you have captured the different moments.

I would have to just say that these pics as well as the description are very apt 🙂 I might add a few more points maybe, but they might be more intangible than this…

Loved it 🙂

Satu says:

Great photos! And the lady with the mango… oh how I miss Indian mangos. Especially the little sweet ones.

There are certainly lots of colors in India. Your picture has depicted it so well. I like them very much. They’re all about life, not just monuments and the past. It’s the living present that amazes us all more than past.

Rahman Mehraby
Destination Iran Travel & Tours

Darren Weir says:

what spectacular photos you have taken. I am in awe. I will be travelling through India for 3 months starting in Feb and I can only hope I can capture half the amazing images you have.
Thanks for the preview!

Shweta says:

You really have captured the essence of travelling through India! Well done! Lol about the tea.. I am an Indian and not a tea drinker, but I myself get amazed by how tea can bring people together in India and is the perfect drink for anytime of the day! I would love to share these pictures with our clients as a humourous look before they travel to India… 🙂

I loooooove the pics of the kids.. omg!

Jeremy B says:

What a great photographic look at India! This covers so many aspects of the country and helps you appreciate the diversity of what it has to offer! Great post and pictures!

Will says:

Tea, Colour, Food & Trains for me!

I’m off to India in January and can’t wait! I’m going to a wedding too, so that’ll make it an even more amazing experience!

Paul says:

I plan to travel to India next year, I hope I get some pictures that are as awesome as yours.

mariel says:

These pictures are so stunning! i love all those vibrant colors… india is definitely on my must-see list 🙂

These photos are great! Good collection!

Vinda Dravid says:

I live in India and even to me, every day is surprisingly different. And I simply love the food here. Honestly, if you integrate the diverse food found in each and ever part of India it becomes equivalent to more than that of the entire world’s food diversity put together!

I like this post, one of the very few ones that justify what India is all about! Great job.

Talon says:

LOVE the signs! So funny!

Laura says:

Saw the link to this which jumped out at me as I’m currently looking at going to Cambodia or India in 2011. The photographs are beautiful, thanks for sharing them.

‘India is a photographer’s dream’

Hopefully I can live that dream soon!

Carly says:

Bloody brilliant post, this was fantastic! I loved your photos – they’re fabulous!

I’d love to go to India, as you say ‘photographer’s dream’ all of the colours – I’d love to take my camera there!

Vipul says:

I’m From India And It Seems ThaT Being Indian, I’m Supposed To Know These Factors.. But Still Reading Such Nice Things Out India Sometimes Make Me Feel Proud On Being Indian And From India..

Jayne says:

WOW – excellent points, beautifully illustrated. This post sums up what I love about India superbly.

Evi says:

Great photos! I land in Mumbai on January 5, and now I really can’t wait. Might have to pick up an extra memory card first though. I just wish I had more than one month planned. The more I read, the more I think it’s going to be just way to quick …

Great photos! India is one of the populated place in Asia and I really love their culture. Your photos is really good, it speaks all about the Indian culture. I love the angle, the framing the lighting. Your subjects is also good I can see it in their eyes. Actually I like also their Bollywood movies. The production designs and the cinematography.

Corfu Villas says:

Excellent points about India. I just wondered why Cow was included in that list…

What I love the most about your piece is how few words were required. Just goes to show a picture speaks a thousand words. I fully agree with your 10. So much to love about India and so little time!

Randall says:

These are really great pictures, it makes me look forward to visiting India. India is now definitely on my list of places to visit. I will be remembering your post when I get there, cricket, those colors and everything. I love those signs 😀

Noah E says:

Excellent photos. Especially enjoyed the tea shots and the children. I have wanted to visit India for years… Now I really want to go soon!

Thanks for this post.

PNR Enquiry says:

Awesome photos! The colors of India are so vibrant and powerful, and you captured them well.

Anil says:

I love, love, love the food in India. One of my favorite things about the country, so much variety in just about everything.

Shivani says:

I love the pictures..:)

Thanks Alistair, your photos ring so true to the spirit of India.
Especially love the guys with the mobile phone after they have snagged your email. They’re always so eager to connect!
Lovely 🙂

vesey says:

i enjoyed a lot of the photos but was disappointed with the cheap shot about British children. i am an American that has off and on over the 62 years i’ve been alive often been around British kids and found them no less likabable than the children in the more than 75 others countries i’ve been in…………were you referring to your own kids ???

Ashlea says:

Love the pictures! Really makes me want to go to India!

Awesome photos! The colors of India are so vibrant and powerful, and you captured them well. What kind of camera do you use?


These were all taken with a Canon 400D and 90% of them with a 17-40 f4 lens

subhashish says:

fantastic mr…im indian and live here but am constantly amazed at what catches the eye and many a times misses us as we live here everyday…
great work and makes me love my country even more

Romana says:

Hi, this post is really interesting. My husband and I are travelling in India now as part of a trip around the world and we agree that this is heaven for photo opportunities and we have enjoyed our share of it. India is an amazing country to travel and where one will never feel bored. We just regret we had stayed only 6 weeks as this is far from enough to explore the country and we will certainly return.
Thanks for sharing this post with us Alastair!

You would need a lifetime to see all of India, but 6 weeks is certainly enough for some memorable experiences and great photos.

Romana says:

I agree. My brother traveled in India for almost two years and never got to Rajasthan for example 🙂
We are happy that at least we covered very different states, such as Kerala and Rajasthan to have a better picture of India, but we have missed many important places such as Varanasi.
We’ll be back 🙂

ayngelinai says:

Wow these make me really want to go, I can see why you love it so much.

Tarun says:

I am an India, many thanks for visiting my country 🙂

Greg says:

GREAT post Alastair! I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around Latin America and Europe but haven’t made it to India yet. As a fellow photographer, it’s #1 on my travel wish list. Thanks for sharing and pushing me to make that happen quicker!

India took me by surprise – compared to Europe / Latin America it is a totally different world…

Tracy says:

Great photos, they make me miss the vibrancy of India!

Adam says:

Wow, you have some unbelievably beautiful shots here. You captured the country well, and now I’m dying for some masala chai. That was my favorite part of India–you couldn’t go anywhere without being offered chai. Loved it!

Seeta kaur says:

India is incredible…and agree so much that tthis is heaven for photographer, still saving money for having trip to india

Anthony says:

Hmmm I’ve been reading your blog for ages and I didn’t know you were British, I assumed you were from the States for some reason.

Hahaso true, British kids can be foul and rude. Nice post that’s SERIOUSLY making me question why India isn’t in my early intenary.

Golly gosh / Crikey – why did you think I was American?!
Much as I love America I like to keep my colors as colours and my tom-ay-tos as tom-are-tos…!

Anthony says:

Hahaha! Oops my mistake; I didn’t see it was a guest post- that’s what you get when you sneakily speed read a travel blog at work haha. I’m just over on your blog now, some great stuff bookmarked for later 🙂

Where in Britain are you from? I’m a Geordie….it’s -12 right now. P.S. Remember to NEVER call it soccer!!!

I’m glad that people are liking my pictures. India really is a country that should be on everyone’s ‘To Do’ list….

you have brought india to life with your photos. the signs are very amusing

Audrey says:

Fantastic photo essay that captures the color and energy of the place. The country is changing quickly with technology, but it’s one of those places that will always remain India with its traditions and craziness.

Love the photos….wow! I’ve never been to India, but I’d really like to go. Looks amazing…

Andi says:

There are no words to describe how much I loved this!

i’m DYING to go to india and these photos are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! thanks so much for adding to the desire in such a beautiful way.

Jason says:

These photos are incredible. We were lucky to host them on our site.

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