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Photo of the Day: Long Shadows on Salar de Uyuni Bolivia

Salar de

Long Shadows Captured during a Sunrise over the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

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Dina says:

Superb photo! And this is one of my dream destination.

Jane says:

Wow! Is this Photoshopped? If not, nice shot! It looks so beautiful.

Jason says:

No Photoshop, just really early in the morning.

LeslieTravel says:

Great pic! Looks like the salt flats in northwest Argentina!

Jason says:

Ahh, those salt flats are pretty cool too. We visited them, Salinas Grandes I presume. I like the road that goes right through the flats.

Brynn says:

Gorgeous! Love the colors

Christy @ Ordinary Traveler says:

Great capture! I can’t wait to go here!

azka says:

nice shot bro, keep walking.

Jason says:

Thanks Azka. Glad you stumbled across our blog.

Carole levinger says:

my new favorite!

Jason says:

Glad you enjoyed it Carole. These salt flat photos are fun to take and incredible to view. Such a unique scenery.

Marlene says:

I think Mother Nature hides out in your backpacks and at the right moment, nudges you and says, “Quick! Get this one showing my fantastic beauty.”

No emails until I get set up with a new provider.

Hope you get this.

A very happy New Year filled with love and happiness.

Jason says:

Marlene, you have a wonderful New Year too. Thanks for being a loyal follower!

ayngelinai says:

Wow I would have guessed it was dusk. Cannot wait to go there!

Jason says:

You will love it! It just so incredibly unique.

Christine says:

Gorgeous photo!

Jason says:

Thanks Christine. Enjoy your New Year’s in CA!

Really nice – and also love the subtle colors in this shot

Andi says:

One of my fave places in the world, GORGEOUS capture!!!!!

Kyle Morgan says:

What a great shot!

Great shot guys… I really wish I would have hiked out to the Salar for sunset… I’ve been 8 times, and never did it. I guess I’ll have to go back 🙂

Jason says:

8 times! That’s a lot. Now you will have to make it 9.

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