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Photo of the Day: Snowman in NYC 2010 Winter Blizzard

Snow in NYC Winter Pictures

A Snowman in NYC During the 2010 Winter Blizzard

Photo courtesy of Michael Kowalski. This picture of a snowman in New York City was taken during the winter blizzard of 2010.

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Rochelle Thorpe says:

this photo of the snowman, is there anyway you can put me in touch with Michael Kowalski? I saw it too and wrote a story about it… would like to show him the story and also, I worked with a Joe Kowalski in Boston several years ago, wonder if they are related. Joe was my boss at State Street Bank and was a wonderful guy. I enjoyed working with him.

The NVR Guys says:

That is an especially well done snow person.

Rebecca says:

Too cute! Being an Aussie, I’ve never had a white Christmas, but NYC would be my ideal place to experience one!

I love this shot! So fun. We had a white Christmas in Tennessee–my first in my 28 years–but not nearly enough to make a snowman. It was more comparable to a large dusting of dandruff =)

Jason says:

We had a day after white Christmas, almost as good, but not. 🙂

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