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Photo of the Day: Filming a Beach Sunset

Beach Sunset Guatemala

Filming a Sunset on Guatemala's Black Sand Monterrico Beach

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Kelsi says:

that sunset is radiant!

Jason says:

Great color and nice shot

One of the places in the world that I haven’t been to but must go!! Great shot

Jason says:

It’s a unique place, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must see. So if you haven’t been to Monterrico, it’s not a huge miss.

Dave says:

Being an avid traveler, but a horrible photographer, there is nothing I enjoy more than good travel photos. Yours are great. I really love the personality you are showing through your photos. Thanks.

Jason says:

Dave, I appreciate the compliments. We aren’t great photographers either, but we are learning through the thousands of photos we take.

Erica says:

Those colors are awesome!

Andi says:

I loved Guata!!!

Jason says:

It is one of our favorite countries, and a great country to get a feel for backpacking the first time.

Beautiful…if this is you, who is the photographer 🙂
Lovely capture…

Jason says:

My wife, Aracely does a lot of our photography. I mostly do video. She, of course, took the picture of me filming.

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