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Photo of the Day: Crazy Bus Picture in Ecuador

Crazy Bus Pictures

Riding on top of a bus in Ecuador, near the coast

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Darren Alff says:

This is how nearly every bus ride I’ve taken in South America has been. haha. Okay, I’ve never ridden on the roof, but I was jammed together, holding on for dear life at times, and it sure was exciting. I’d hate to be told that my seat was up top on the roof. I probably wouldn’t get on.

Tijmen says:

Don’t think I would feel very comfortable sitting on top of the bus, especially not in highspeed corners. But it does make for great photos 🙂

Jason says:

That’s exactly how I felt. Awesome photo opp, but terrible idea.

Kyle Morgan says:

thats crazy…I can’t imagine trying to stay on top of that bus during tight curves!

Jason says:

C’mon, you can get at least 20 more people on that bus! That aint even close to being crowded. Only when the fat smelly campesina and her sack of chickens are sitting in your lap can the bus be considered “crowded.”

Jason says:

True. We had lots of those experiences when riding in camions, and they have no interest in moving to allow you to squeeze in.

I sooooo want to ride on top of a bus somwhere. And a train. I did it on a big cargo truck — time to add other “top” adventures!

Jason says:

I have never rode on top of a bus either, just a Jeep. It’s not the same thing.

andi says:

Oh gosh, every time I see this in SA my stomach gets in knots. It’s soooo dangerous (though I’m sure a lot of fun LOL).

Jason says:

Only dangerous if you choose to be the crazy one riding on top. So choose wisely!

Dina says:

I just remember… Near my hometown in Surabaya, during soccer match season, many will ride on the top of train. And sometimes we hear in the news that some people died falling from the roof, especially when the train entered a tunnel that doesn’t have much space between the train top and tunnel ceiling. sad..

Jason says:

That is sad. I imagine those accidents happen whenever we are riding on top of things that we shouldn’t be. it’s crazy. Reminds me of the pictures of riders on trains in India.

Dina says:

It takes great balance to be up there!

Kim says:

NICE! I’d love to see that going down the street. Great shot!

Andrea says:

Looks like quite a party! I’d have to be drunk to get up there while the bus was moving…

Jason says:

I think drunkenness would be my requirement too. And yes, it does look like they are working towards that with the drinks in the air.

Wow, this reminds me of how people ride on top of the trains in India. With both trains and buses, all I can think is “how do they not fall off??”

Jason says:

I am sure they probably fall off sometimes and they don’t always live through it. Seems like these guys are even drinking on top.

Laura says:

Great photo! It always surprises me when I see people riding on the roofs of buses. While traveling near Quilotoa I saw a bus driving along with live animals tied up on the roof, and surprisingly, the animals didn’t seem to mind. It was pretty crazy! 😉

Jason says:

Loved the Quilottoa loop! Yes, lots of animals being traded around in those mountains.

That’s awesome. Do they actually ride on top of the bus while it’s moving? That would be kinda fun. 🙂

Jason says:

Oh yes, this bus was moving pretty good along the highway. Much too fast in my opinion. You can see the dust kicking off the wheels.

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