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Photo of the Day: Gentoo Penguins Cuverville Island Antarctica

gentoo penguins

Gentoo Penguins on Cuverville Island in Antarctica

Home to the largest colony of Gentoo Penguins in the world, Cuverville Island is one of the most popular destinations when going to Antarctica. Here you can find the largest colony of this type of penguin. This little guy was trying to get by as he was bringing rocks back to his nest. Most penguins in Antarctica are very curious and will get very close as long as you stay extremely still!

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Angie Orth says:

Love this shot! I just saw Gentoo Penguins myself… though I was at the Melbourne Aquarium, so it’s not quite as cool. Keep the cute pics coming!

Ahhhh I want to adopt him!!! So so so cute.

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