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Photo of the Day: San Antonio River Walk at Night

San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio River Walk at Night in Texas

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The city of San Antonio, Texas is built around the San Antonio River, unlike any city we have experienced in the United States.   Development along the river front attracts tourists from all over.  This long exposure photograph was taken while tourists road a barge down this section of River Walk.  Visit San Antonio, Texas in 2011 to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the Battle of The Alamo.

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Jessi Hines says:

I’ve been to San Antonio more times than I can count, and the beauty of the River Walk at night is never lost on me.

Dave and Deb says:

Great long exposure capture guys. These are one of my favourite shots to take. The city seems to take on a whole new feel at night doesn’t it?

Jason says:

It is fun to experiment. I took about 20 shots while Aracely and Andrew @BrooklynNomad sat patiently and waited for me. In the end, I got this one cool shot.

Nancie says:

Lovely shot. The lights are gorgeous.

Marlene says:

I had the good fortune to visit San Antonio some years ago….charming.
I was told that the time to really enjoy River Walk is at Christmas. The
lights and decorations are incredible. I also heard that many couples honeymoon there. As usual, Jason, your photo is GREAT!

Jason says:

I never thought of visiting during Christmas, but I can imagine it must be beautiful. The bridges and water probably provide an incredible landscape for decorating. Thanks Marlene!

Looove that Mexican restaurant on the left!

Jason says:

Yup, that’s the famous one, mostly for its colorful umbrellas. We didn’t eat there though, so I can’t comment on their food.

This looks very lively…somehow reminds me of Milan…

Sarah says:

I can understand why the river is popular with tourists! What a great place for a meal! Did you find that the locals also hung out on the river or mostly tourists?

Jason says:

My assumption is that its mostly tourists and business people. The river is lined with little stands selling hand made jewelry and barge tours are constantly going on. It doesn’t seem like a lot of locals. I think like any city, it’s typically only those that are there on business or for pleasure that will spend time strolling up and down. You will find locals enjoying the river beyond the crowded tourist sections. The river will eventually have 13 miles of walkway, which means it spans well into the normal neighborhoods where you see locals jogging and walking their dogs. There is also a river taxi.

Andrea says:

It looks very lively and fun there! Like Miami almost

Jason says:

Still cheaper than Miami, and no Ferraris cruising down the river… yet.

azka says:

colourful foto jason, with a lot info for me.. i think people in my place must be learn this, because here many river.


Jason says:

We have heard Malaysia is a wonderful place too.

Really nice photo, what a cool setting. Looks like a great place to have a meal and glass of wine and watch the river boats go by.

Jason says:

It IS the place to enjoy a meal and drink. This is where the river gets crowded with tourists flocking for a night out. The restaurant with all the colorful umbrellas is the most photographed part of the River Walk. Obviously, we contributed to that.

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