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7 Things To Do in Berlin for Under 10 Euros

berlin picturesReichstag Building, Berlin by rs-foto, on Flickr

Even on a backpacker’s budget there’s plenty to see and do in Berlin. Here’s our guide to seven great things to do in Berlin for less than €10 Euros, perfect for those travelling on a shoestring.

1. Take a Stroll Through Berlin’s Past

berlin picturesBranderburg Gate by Raul DS, on Flickr

It costs nothing to take in Berlin’s historic architecture, and a good place to start is on the Unter den Linden, which is lined with monuments spanning much of the city’s history. The centrepiece is the impressive Brandenburg Gate, an 18th century triumphal arch which later became associated with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the scenes of mass celebration that followed. West of the Gate is pleasant Tiergarten; north is the German Parliament’s Reichstag; east is Museum Island; and south is the main shopping thoroughfare, Friedrichstrasse.

2. Explore Modern Architecture

berlin picturesPotsdamer Platz by Wolfgang Staudt, on Flickr

For striking modern buildings head to Potsdamer Platz, built in 1995, which is home to the landmark Sony Center dome, inspired by Mount Fuji, which is lit up in vibrant colours at night.

berlin picturesSony Center by friedrbe, on Flickr

3. Join Revellers at the Berlin Beer Festival

On the first weekend of every August, Berlin hosts the huge, three-day International Berlin Beer Festival (Berliner Bierfestival), which falls on August 5-7 in 2011. This free event showcases around 1,800 varieties of beer from hundreds of breweries across 80 different countries, with a backdrop of live music. Attracting around 750,000 festival-goers, demand is very high at this time for cheap hotels in Berlin – so it’s worth booking well in advance.

4. Admire the East Side Gallery

berlin picturesBerlin Friedrichshain Mühlenstrasse East Side Gallery by jack_of_hearts_398, on Flickr

The largest open-air art gallery in the world, this 1.3km-long section of the Berlin Wall has been transformed by a collection of international artists who have covered it with more than 100 paintings. Located near Berlin city centre on Mühlenstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, the paintings depict a time of change and the wall as a whole is regarded as a memorial for international freedom. It’s not a traditional, enclosed gallery, but simply part of the urban landscape – so it’s open to all 24/7, and completely free to visit.

5. Enjoy a Tipple at Weinerei

Berlin’s Weinerei bars operate on an ‘honesty box’ basis, with no wine list, no prices, and no bar tenders. You pay one euro to borrow a glass, then you help yourself to as much fine wine as you wish to consume. You’re expected to keep track of how much you drink, then you decide how much to pay. Despite this freedom, customers rise to the occasion and tend to behave impeccably, and it’s well worth going along just for a glass or two to enjoy the atmosphere, which is lively yet civilized.

6. Brush up on History at Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

Berlin Museum“Berlin-Karlshorst, Deutsch-Russisches Museum by Ktmd on Wikipedia

This free, well-executed museum follows the German-Soviet relationship over 70 years, through two world wars and the Cold War. When the Soviets took Berlin, they also took over this former German officers’ club which became their military headquarters. The spot has great historical significance, because it was here on May 8-9, in 1945 that German commanders signed the unconditional surrender that ended the war in Europe.

7. Enjoy Sweeping Views of East Berlin

berlin picturesOberbaumbrücke by Malkav, on Flickr

It’s hard to miss the bright, red-brick Oberbaumbrucke bridge which links Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg. From this 18th century structure you’re rewarded with fantastic views over east Berlin, providing some great photo opportunities.

Before you go, pick up more Berlin tips and find out how to make the most of a short break in Germany’s capital.

berlin picturesBerlin Panorama by, on Flickr

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Izy Berry says:

Wow, just reading this post makes me miss Berlin. One of my favourite cities in the world, surely! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this, I’ll keep it bookmarked for my return 🙂

Chris says:

Hi, your article gave us some new ideas as we are planning to visit Berlin in February,
I am looking forward to see the longest open-air art gallery in the world!! It must be amazing 🙂

Name says:

We don’t know when this changed, but you need an appointment to visit the Reichstag and it can only be made online. We booked our visit for the next sunny day in Berlin… Which is next Wednesday

Kate says:

Great list…glad to have found it via Twitter. We live in Italy and are hoping to do a little tour of Germany in the near future. Thanks!

Jason says:

Excellent, glad we might be able to help you guys out for Germany.

How about “eat a doner kebab”? 🙂

Benny says:

Food definitely needs a mention in there….

2.50 for a Doner Kebab which are hands down the best kebabs in the world followed by a Berliner Currywurst for about 2 Euros and you’ll have change to wash it down with a couple of Berliner Pilsners…Heaven.

Jason says:

I worked for Mercedes-Benz USA for 6 years and had my share of German sausage. It’s incredible. And German beer, well, that’s some of the best in the world.

Joya says:

Great suggestions! I recommend Sandeman’s New Europe tours – a free walking tour in Berlin among other cities. You learn a lot and see just about everything in a few hours.

wow interesting things which can I do under 10 euros but first I will try sweeping views of east Berlins.

Princess Catherine says:

Nice place to go! If oneday i have the enough time and money, i would go there!

Great article – Berlin is one of my favorite cities. Ive never heard of Weinerei though – thanks for the tip!

The East Side Gallery seems awesome, will definitely go there when we’re in Berlin this summer.

Never heard of the Weinerei, sounds pretty cool – I like honesty boxes, we need more of those in the world 🙂

Jason says:

You are absolutely right, we should all be disclosing, but we can only control ourselves. I have been to Berlin before for business and didn’t know of a Weinereis either.

Ralf says:


an additional suggestion: instead of doing an overpriced city tour with one of the special tour companies, just buy a one-day-ticket for the public transport (6,30 EUR) and use the famous double-deckers for your individual and extended round tour. Some bus lines just run along all the points of interest (first of all, lines 100 and 200). At the service points of the public transport company BVG there are some flyers available declaring the attations on the routes. For the bus line 100 they even have multilingual audio-guides. Best place in the bus is the first row of the upper deck! Have fun!

Jason says:

Thanks for adding to the article Ralf.

I’ve only known Berlin for the historical value. Great list.
If you could add a 6th item to the list, what would it be?

Jason says:

I would brush up on history at Museum Berlin-Karlshorst. Glad you enjoyed the list Andrew.

Shawn says:

So how long you two visiting, i will be back there after 19/4

Jason says:

We are currently in the United States, traveling between Philadelphia, New York City and Miami, with our homebase in Miami.

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