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Photo of the Day: Sunset Over Los Maribios Volcano Chain

Fotos de Nicaragua

Sunset Picture taken from Volcano El Hoyo overlooking Los Maribios Volcano Chain

Check out Volcano Boarding in Leon Nicaragua.

This photo was taken from Volcano El Hoyo looking out at Los Maribios volcano chain in Nicaragua during our 2-day trek booked out of León with Quetzaltrekkers.

As you head towards León it is impossible to miss the view of the perfectly shaped Volcán Momotombo. Rising 1297 meters high, Momotombo towers over Lago Xolotlan (Lago de Managua) and its little brother, the island volcano Momotombito. Momotombo began growing 4500 years ago and last erupted in 1905. Momotombo played an important role in history when, in 1625, it buried Nicaragua’s former capital, the old city of León, under layers of volcanic ash. – Quetzaltrekkers

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Sebastian says:

Love this pictures. I wish I would have hiked all the way up the volcano when I was in Nicaragua last month…

Jason says:

It’s a very beautiful view from up top.

We love visiting volcanic sites because the rich soil promotes the development of forests, flora, and wildlife that are very diverse and unique. The colors around volcanic areas are luxurious. The contrast in desert like ground near the rim and the presence of green forested areas further away is amazing to observe. Beautiful photo.

jade says:

LOVE this photo! It radiates passion and life!

Jason says:

Thanks Jade. It was an interesting one. Not a great one since the sun was shinning right into the lens, but we tried to make it look cool with some editing.

Juan Almeida says:

WOOOO….Volcano!!!!! Nice Pic!!
You guys should come to Barcelona….we dont have Volcanos like that,,,….but we have awesome parties…
come to BCN and stay at sant jordi hostels barcelona.. : )

I love your website !!! its soo cool

Jason says:

Thanks for visiting Juan. We have been to Madrid and loved it, but I must admit, we really aren’t the hard core party type. We enjoy the laid back atmosphere of hanging out with just a few friends. Party hostels -1, guesthouses +1.

Marlene Schroeder says:

Is the volcano active? It looks like a plume of smoke coming out of
the opening……or just a well placed cloud? As usual, Jason,

Jason says:

Thanks Marlene. Yes, that volcano is smoking. It was an incredible site.

Stunning photograph. If the photo is that amazing, I can only imagine witnessing it live is even more incredible… We will make it there one day to experience ourselves. In the meantime I will enjoy your photo. Cheers!

Jason says:

It was an incredible view. The photo had to be edited to bring out the color because the sun was shining right into the lens which washed it out. So, its shopped a little, but in person it was the high after hiking all day to get there. And that hike isn’t easy.

Roy says:

Stunning pic. I like how you can see the rays of sunshine.

chalespinosa says:

Great picture, view of lake managua spectacular.

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