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Alegría El Salvador Music Video – Travel Video Ep. 14

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We record a music video in this travel video from 2 Backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani, while visiting Alegría, El Salvador.  In travel video episode #14, Victor Manuel Cruz Sosa and his son, José Heraldo Cruz play homage to their hometown of mountains, lakes, flowers and tourism. Enjoy the show!

Alegría is the most beautiful, small town that we visited in El Salvador. Immediately upon departing our cheerfully painted bus in the main plaza, we noticed its cleanliness and detail to landscaping. The red rose bushes were in bloom and the sun flowers seemed to stand tall in pride of their home.

Alegría, El Salvador

The plaza was bustling with souvenir and food vendors, young men and women flirting under the gazebo and most famously for the area, flowers wer being sold. We happily strolled the streets around the plaza in search of a cheap hostel.

travel video

Alegría, El Salvador, the City of Flowers

During the evening we enjoyed drinks and food at El Portal where you can find pupusas, chicken and sausage. Musicians will mosey around tables serenading you for tips. One particular gentleman handed us his playlist book so Aracely could choose some of her favorite classics from Ecuador. Victor Manuel played several songs by request and also one of his favorites, a song about Alegría.

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A Music Video from El Salvador

We got the idea that the song would be the perfect musical backdrop for a video of Alegría. We asked and Victor obliged. The next day, we met in the plaza to record the song. This was after we got lost during our hike into Laguna de Alegría, but we gathered ourselves and met our commitments. Victor brought along his son to play maracas and sing background vocals. The plaza was loud, with a lot of activity going on, but we requested a vendor turn down his music so we could get a good recording. The song was perfect, even better with the sounds of nature making their way onto the audio. We tipped Victor, purchased a CD he was selling and said thank you very much, “Muchas Gracias.”

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Sarah Kenny says:

Got to meet him yesterday along with his other son and daughter! We’re doing the hike to the lake in the morning-really hope we don’t get lost. Taking plenty of water and food with us!

Sarah, that’s great news! I don’t even know if he is aware we have this video of him and his son, they didn’t have an email. How was the hike? Sorry for the late response, can’t wait to hear the details.

Jeremy says:

Amazing Video! It looks so verdant and tranquil there…

Normand says:

Great video, great song, love all the images. I just love latin america music. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to get there. I’m only getting on the road next year and starting with south america, so won’t be there for at least another two years.

Thanks Normand. It was very enjoyable to film and speak with them. South America is so big and a great continent to explore, you will love it. Central America is small and very easy to travel. Enjoy!

Dorian Zuleta says:

I have been “around the world” twice.. With the exception on Central America… To be completely honest with you, I have never heard anything that sparked in interest in me taking that voyage. I enjoyed your article, pictures and video. Reading your blogs can get


Central America is small an quite easy to travel. It’s a little rough, less Costa Rica, but still a lot of fun and off the beaten path type of adventures.

Name says:

Agree with you that El Salvador is a tiny country that offers so many wonderful surprises to visitors, especially when the country is explored from the point of view of the small towns. Very hospitable, happy and genuine. Very nice video and great photos. Great story about music recording live right in the middle of the town. Perfect!

Mara says:

I really enjoyed this video – total armchair travel for me! His son is too cute.

Thanks Mara. We are so glad when we get video comments, because we put a lot of effort into the videos, yet they get the least views on our blog. Thanks for watching!

Absolutely on our list of places to visit – thanks to your great video! What an adorable kid!

It is a wonderful small town with welcoming people.

Sophie says:

Charming song. And singers.

cailin says:

Awesome idea for the music.
I did this too when I was in Copenhagen in the freetown, it worked out perfectly 🙂

Jason says:

Thanks Cailin for watching. It’s wonderful when the music comes from the video itself. It removes the dilema of having to search for some.

I love the music, how sweet that he brought his son along!

Jason says:

It was. We didn’t expect that, so it was a nice surprise.

Raymond says:

I spent 4 months in El Salvador last year for work and absolutely fell in love with the people and the places. It’s still relatively non-touristy and great value. Thanks for the excellent videos (and memories!)…

Jason says:

You right Raymond, it is less traveled. I didn’t like the big cities in El Salvador, but I really enjoyed the small towns.

Randy says:

Very cool! I love the song. You guys did a great job of really capturing the place.

Jason says:

Thanks Randy.

Dorian Zuleta says:

I have to agree with Randy……. Well, I don’t have to but i want too…lol

Abby says:

Wow, some gorgeous shots in the video. I love that little boy, puffing his chest up to impress his dad, taking his role very seriously. So cute!

Jason says:

The father said that their are 3 sons in total that play with him, but only one could make it. It would have been great to see them all perform.

Zack says:

I can’t get over how colorful everything looks there! How was interaction with the locals? Are they more or less hospitable to outsiders or do they prefer to stay to themselves?

Jason says:

The locals were very welcoming there. It’s a very small town and tourism is something they embrace, so yes, they enjoy the visitors.

T Roach says:

I can’t wait to see El Salvador…sounds really good.

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