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Travel Photo of the Day: Border Crossing Costa Rica to Panama

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Travel Photo - Crossing the Border between Costa Rica into Panama

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This photo was taken during our land border crossing during Costa Rica travel to Panama on our way to Bocas del Toro. It was a long day of long boat rides and crowded vans. This bridge ill structured bridge separated the two countries. We looked down through the planks of wood as we walked across the river. To our amazement, a 16 wheel tractor trailer crossed over the bridge also. We never could have imagined that vehicles drove over this thing.

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Those gaps in the boards are terrifying!!! I don’t think you could have gotten me across that bridge if you tried unless maybe they let only one person at a time across lol. Looks like train tracks – I wonder if trains still go across?!

Jason says:

They were very sketchy. I also wonder if trains still go across. I can tell you big 18 wheelers still do. It’s crazy.

T Roach says:

I remember this very bridge so well! Sixaola is the town beside it I remember.. The coast of Limon province is for sure on my list of places to go back to.

Jason says:

It was a sketchy bridge. And we were so shocked to see tractor trailers drive over it.

Andrea says:

Have come across a few nervous bridges in South America ourselves – great shot! Border crossings like these are always interesting.

Jason says:

Yes they are! Always a river and always a bridge.

Rebecca says:

This is such a rickety bridge! I had to stop looking down because I was making myself nervous!

Jason says:

It was a sketchy bridge at best. But, I couldn’t believe an 18 wheeler went over it too.

Loralie says:

I have a shot of this too, took it 20 years ago. Think you forgot to mention that trains cross it. After the earthquake in late 1990 or early 1991 other bridges were lost and maybe no train traffic any more.

Jason says:

It’s crazy to think the bridge is barely standing today, yet it’s the border crossing. crazy. I didn’t see any trains, so I am not sure if they still cross it, but the tracks are still there.

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