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Photo of the Day: Camping in Long Key Florida

Florida Keys

The Best Waterfront State Campground in the Florida Keys

The People of Key West, Florida

There are several large state campgrounds located in the Southern Florida Keys. This photo of the day was taken from Long Key State Park on Long Key, which is in Marathon, Florida. Some sites are off the water and cheaper, but you can’t beat this site for sunsets and sunrises at $40USD per night.


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Nancy says:

I love this campground..its been about ten years…how do I get the phone number too make reservations?

Jason says:

Nancy, Google the name of the campground you are interested in. They all have websites and telephone numbers. Honda or Long Key are beautiful ones.

Nancy says:

Thank you. I got it NOW…ty…as soon as I seen the name It all came back too me….I will keep this, so that when its time? But, is Long Key reall y shut down?

Jason says:

Long Key was open when we visited 4 months ago.

I have never been to the Keys, but this photo really makes me want to go!

Jason says:

It’s a wonderful scenic drive. I highly recommend it during the cooler months.

This picture makes me want to go the Keys right now! Great shot! You captured the scene and spirit perfectly.

Jason says:

Thanks Cathy, we love the Keys!

Kyle Morgan says:

I love camping down in the Florida Keys! You guys should also check out camping in the 10,000 Island Chain of the Everglades.

Jason says:

I will have to look into that for next winter. Thanks for the idea!

Meg says:

My husband and I live in Miami and we have done many hotel vacations in the Keys… But our next weekend trip might have to be a camping one! Thanks for sharing!

Jason says:

Camping is a great time down there Meg. Just be sure to call ahead of time to reserve a site, they book pretty quick.

Liz says:

I love camping in the Keys, it’s both a good and bad thing its underrated. Fantastic weather, great beach views, and for a low price. I’ve camped on both Stock Island the Sugarloaf Island, rent a bike and in 20 minutes you’re having a icy beer on Duval Street. Love it!

Jason says:

I love it too, but unfortunately it is becoming very crowded on the campgrounds. If you want to get down there now or later, you can’t, it’s almost all booked up. But, I am sure we will be visiting a lot, now that we are based in Miami. It’s a great time down there.

Agreed with the comment above. I’d camp there for sure. Beautiful!

Looks like a nice place to chill out 🙂

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