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Sony Pocket Reader Winner is…

64 Entries from 2 Backpackers

Of the 64 travel postcard entries, we picked one to win the Sony® Reader Pocket Edition™ and a $25 gift certificate to the Reader Store.

Carole’s Postcard from Tad Lo, Laos

Greetings from the tiny village of Tadlo I am here with my college roommate circa 1965.. visiting the waterfalls. We finally fulfilled our promise to one another… Her husband is bathing in the river, like in the old days in Tennessee. He has company, three elephants bathing with their keepers. And guess what I just happen to be reading on my Sony reader? Water for Elephants. Wish you were here.

Travel Giveaway

Her postcard ranked 111 at the close of the big $10K giveaway.

Thanks to everyone for participating and we hope to bring you more excellent travel giveaways in the future!

Travel Giveaway

The Ideal Travel Companion Features:

  • 5″ touch screen
  • Carry up to 1,200 books at a time
  • Thin, light, highly portable design
  • Two full weeks of reading on a single charge
  • Built-in dictionaries and translators

The Reader Pocket Edition is the lightest and thinnest eReader out there making it the ideal travel companion. And with over 2 million books available at the Reader Store, you can easily take along all the books you want.

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