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Coming Soon… More Writing From Us

Personal WritingIt’s been a while since Aracely or I have actually written a post. We have released photo essays and more videos, finally, but the writing thing never suited us well. This is quite the contradiction for us considering we call ourselves travel bloggers.

A Video Travel Blog

The original inspiration for our blog developed when we began researching for our trip back in early 2009.  We were wowed by the travel videos from Two Guys Around the World, a site whose updates has since ended along with their trip some time ago.  To have memories of our trip in video would not only be awesome for us, family and friends back home, but it would also set us apart from other travel bloggers.  Once on the road we quickly realized that we wouldn’t be able to deliver videos in the format and style we wanted in reasonable time.

It was a disappointment, but we were too excited about the rest of the trip to get down about it.  We turned our focus to writing and photography, while still video taping, determined to produce travel videos when we returned home.  Notes were taken from each city we visited and every tour we participated in.  The notes soon became illegible and eventually an afterthought.  This was a long term break from work like responsibilities, and taking notes for travel posts just seemed like work again.

Isn’t Blogging and Writing Synonymous?

We visited so many places in Central and South America that we never told you about.  Yes, maybe you saw a picture or a Facebook comment, but we didn’t describe our foreign meals to you like Ayngelina or share weekly videos about what’s going on like Brock.  I am not saying we sucked, I am just saying writing wasn’t our thing. And in the end it was okay, because we found success through travel photography.

The Lost Travels

Looking back now, I wished we had written more posts, not just for our followers, and google searches, but for ourselves.  You won’t find a post on Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Nazca, Cuenca, Canoa, Baños and most significantly Torres del Paine in Patagonia.  Oh there is much more I am not listing, but I stop because it frustrates me.  Yes, I wish we wrote about these places, but honestly, if I went back in time, I probably would have done the same thing.  Writing just seemed like a lot work for us, something we didn’t enjoy tremendously and therefor avoided doing regularly.  Our on-line journal kept everyone updated on a regular basis and is still our source for remembering where we were at what time and how we felt.  That’s priceless to us.

The places we didn’t write about aren’t lost, they will eventually make it to you in the form of video, something we love doing.  So, why do I bring up our history of writing hesitation?  I am going to try something a little different moving forward, while maintaining our core responsibilities of producing excellent travel videos.
Adventure Travel VideosAdventure Travel VideosAdventure Travel Videos

Personal Writing

Our blog has provided travel porn through photography and video, but we have stayed personally distant, only due to our discontent with writing.  It’s not that we have a fear of opening up, as proven in our videos, it’s just that most visitors to our site enjoy photo essays as identified in our web traffic analytics.  But, things have changed for us.  We are no longer on the road full time and we have drastically different responsibilities.  If we are to continue blogging beyond sharing travel videos, we need to talk about life after 1 year of backpacking.

Coming Soon, Philly the Amazing Kitten

Cute Kittens
I could dedicate 100% of this blog to our newly found kitten, Philly.  I would finally make enough money to do what I want again, but I won’t sell out, at least not yet.  Travel videos will remain our priority, aiming to release one every 2.5 weeks.  That’s usually how long it takes from beginning to end.  During the time in between video releases I will share with you what our life is like now, after taking a year off to travel.  That life is about  adjusting to permanent living in Miami, Florida, failed attempts at making pan de yuca (yuca bread), and to trying to decide how to vacation in the United States with limited vacation days and a tight travel bloggers budget.

Dorian says:

I love the picture of the both of you wearing all white. Keep up the good work and do whatever feels natural to the both of you.

Be Safe

Jason says:

Thanks, we wil keep producing videos and writing about our lives!

I would love to have a mango tree, or any fruit tree, in my yard. I once moved into a studio in Santa Cruz that had an avocado tree outside and for some reason they cut it down before it produced avocados. I was sooo bummed! I could have sold em on the corner for $2 each. 🙂

Jason says:

I think maybe I will drive a box of these mangos up to New Jersey on a trip to see family and make some $$.

I couldn’t agree more with your desire to travel blog without concentrating on the writing. I’m constantly looking for new ways to share my experiences without sitting down for hours to write posts. However, it’s the writing that brings traffic and the videos that bring people closer, so it’s a constant push and pull…

I look forward to seeing more of your travel videos because they inspire me to improve mine. All the best.

Jason says:

And videos take a considerable amount of time and still produce little to no traffic. It’s so disappointing.

It’s funny you guys started making videos of your kitten since Scott and I have started doing the same thing with our fat cat. I find it interesting that people will watch anything on Youtube with a cute animal in it.

I feel the same way about writing in our blog sometimes. I have moments where I’m into it, and other times it feels like a chore. We both love taking photos, so we have also made photography the main focus of our site. We started blogging because we want to pursue our passions, not force ourselves to do something we don’t love, right?

I look forward to reading about your new adventures in Florida and watching your awesome videos!

Jason says:

Cute animals and babies and crazy people rule YouTube. My cat video surpassed my Volcano Boarding video on YouTube in 2 days, and the Volcano Boarding video was published a month ago. So sad. We are in the wrong business!

We love photography too, but I felt distant from our audience without the writings. When you write like this you get some good conversation, instead of a “awesome picture.” It’s a difficult balance.

We’re on the road right now and writing posts about places we’ve been to IS hard work. Kudos to those who seem to have found just the right balance between the two. We love your photos and are looking forward to seeing your travel videos. Cheers!

Jason says:

Thanks guys. The videos are coming along nicely now with 16 episodes done. Only about 50 to go, lol. I am glad to hear other bloggers say they struggle with the writing too. I thought I was going to get bashed for feeling that way. Some people just really enjoy it and are good at it. I think we struggle with it, because we don’t like it all that much. And then the writing just isn’t that great.

I totally know what you mean by the writing. I feel the same way! I love editing my travel videos, but writing posts is a different story. The hubby and I have some great travel stories on the road, but it seems like such a chore sometimes to write them all (so they become fb updates instead). Then I start focusing on photos, but then I start feeling distant. I’m glad to read your thoughts on balancing it all and look forward to your future posts. Philly’s so cute!

Jason says:

It’s a chore for us too. Even now, when we take short vacations back in the US, we still are hesitant to write about. I have tons of photos and videos from the Florida Keys, but still haven’t written about it. I like FB updates too, but unfortunately, they don’t help the blog much, but they do keep people in the loop about what’s going on.

The picture quality of your videos is incredible. Are you using a DLSR or a camcorder?

Thanks! Using a DSLR. I knew I wanted to make HD videos while traveling, but didn’t want to bring a camcorder in addition to a camera, so I based my DSLR purchase on something that could easily let me do both.

Jason says:

The DSLR takes awesome video. I know what you mean about carrying a lot gear. We carry a lot of gear and it’s a challenge.

Jillian says:

Great! Look forward to hearing more form you guys! We’re setting up in Ft. Lauderdale, we should get together!

Jason says:

Thanks Jillian. That sounds great, especially since we haven’t made any friends since moving here. It’s very hard to meet people when both of us work from home.

Dalene says:

I would definitely read a blog about Philly. I’m just sayin’.

That picture of you two is muy bonita! 🙂

Looking forward to more writing! Our slow internet in Honduras doesn’t do well for watching videos. 🙁

Jason says:

I think most people would read a cat blog, that’s just the truth. Man, I am in the wrong field of blogging. Thanks, it was a wonderful wedding. Well, our videos are really cool, but our writing, not so much. Hopefully it will get better!

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