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2011 NBA Finals Miami Heat – I Went!

My brother has lived in Miami for about 8 years; he is a big Miami Heat fan but has never been to a game… until now.

2011 NBA Finals

We watched Miami play the Chicago Bulls on TV and although Game 7 was in Chicago, the sport networks showed images of thousands of people outside the American Airlines Arena (Heat’s home court) eagerly watching the life size screen. After the game wining shot of Game 7 which secured the Heat’s spot in the NBA Finals, the crowd erupted into a roar. I knew then I wanted to take my brother to watch a championship game.

Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks

If you want to feel the energy of a city, go see a sporting event.

The energy of the crowd is electrifying, an unforgettable experience that I am sure he will remember for years to come.

Priceless Experiences

I remember while in Argentina we met some fellow travelers that went to watch a Bocca match. All they could say about the their experience was, “You have to experience it.”  Unfortunately during our visit to Buenos Aires Boca Juniors were playing away.  Now I have a sense of what they were talking about. Definitely a priceless experience to be had.

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let me start off by saying wade on the miami heat is the sweetest greatest player in the game,lebron james is so gifted he makes me cry when he plays on the court,bosh is blessed,you guys look like the father of my 3 kids,i watch you every game, you and the coach deserve the trophy,i would love you to watch me sing sade this year or next year on simon cowells x factor,all the best and thank you! p.s. your the last of your kind of team.

Miami is a great City I love Living there and it does have everything That you want out of a city.

Dorian says:

That must have been fun.

I live in Los Angeles, so watching the finals have been a little painful. .lol

I saw Gloria Estefan perform in Miami one time, that was a crazy experience..


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