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Photo of the Day: Fort San Felipe del Morro P.R.

El Moro

Fort San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

During our getaway to Puerto Rico, we spent most of our time in San Juan, the largest city on the island. Fort San Felipe del Morro is located in historic Old San Juan and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After paying entrance to the fort, you can explore the entire structure freely. High levels provide you great views of the island and give you a good understanding of it’s military significance for both Spain and later the United States.


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Norbert says:

Nice shot! I love Old San Juan so much that I try to visit it every time I go home.

Jason says:

It is a huge fort! Even though it rained all day, it meant there was very few tourists around. A better way to see it.

I think it is captured in early morning.The sky, the water and the hills altogether made the photo wonderful.

Jason says:

It’s actually in the afternoon, but the weather was so gloomy, I can see how it looks like early morning.

Andrea says:

Great shot! Looks so mysterious…

Jason says:

Thanks guys. It was a bit mysterious. Not too many tourists, a big war fort and a rainy, gloomy day.

Love the photo! It looks gorgeous.

Kevin says:

Nice! Puerto Rico is on my list of places to visit. Thanks for the pic!

Jason says:

I think it could be very beautiful, but my best advice is to visit during the dry season. It rained on us the entire time and the mosquitos were pretty bad. And PR is a place where you want to play in the water and visit the islands, something that isn’t quite fun in the rain.

Don Faust says:

I like Old San Juan. Was thankfully “stuck” there for a day a handful of years ago when the Antigua air traffic controllers were on strike… all two of them.

Jason says:

I like Old San Juan too. Touristy, but a great UNESCO World Heritage Site to stroll. Loved the blue coated brick street.

Great shot! I love the angle you took it at.

Jason says:

It’s a cool shot, but I must admit it’s a popular one. It’s on all their license plates. It was hard finding good pictures during all the rain.

Rease says:

I want to sit there and read a book for hours!

Jason says:

When it’s not raining, yes. But during our entire trip, it rained.

Gorgeous! Love the clouds…

Jason says:

It was one of the few landscape shots that actually look great because of the weather. Those clouds running through the mountains actually do look kinda cool.

nice shot! If you’re in photoshop, i recommend adding an exposure adjustment layer set fairly dim masked off over the sky to make it more vivid.
If you have lightroom, Wes at Johnny Vagabond just did a tutorial on this very topic.

Jason says:

Unfortunately, I don’t use either. My editing is pretty limited.

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