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Photo of the Day: Key West Schooner

Florida Keys

Key West Schooner Sailing Tours

The People of Key West, Florida

A traditional way of exploring the waters and islands of Key West is via the tall ships called Schooners. These ships represent maritime history and are absolutely beautiful against the turquoise Key West landscapes. Notice the dolphin in the foreground?

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Dorian says:

Great Picture Jason….

It’s cool that you caught that Dolphin..

Jason says:

it was a lot of luck. We saw them jumping, but didn’t know if we could time it right.

Muza-chan says:

Great picture 🙂

yep – that is one awesome shot! Thanks for pointing out the dolphin – cool.

Jason says:

Thanks Cathy. Yup, the dolphin would have been hard to spot.

JenniferU says:

Beautiful pic – the dolphin really gives it some scale!

Jason says:

Thanks Jen. I didn’t think I would be able to catch the dolphin, but we got lucky.

Nancie says:

Wonderful shot!

Thanks for posting to Travel Photo Thursday.

Jason says:

Thanks Nancie. I finally figured out how it is supposed to work. Thanks for providing a place to participate.

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