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Edinburgh in Pictures

Luis Cicerone of Las Aventuras del Cicerone shows us Edinburgh through his lens.

They call it the “Athens of the North” for a reason.

For centuries Edinburgh, (pronounced Edin-bra), has been one of the most prominent hotspots for the arts, culture, literature and enlightment in Britain and Europe.

edinburgh photo

View from Calton Hill

Edinburgh – Athens of the North

For many, the Scottish capital is the most beautiful city in the old continent, and I have to agree. It is called the Athens of the North, but having been to both cities, I think such a nickname does not do any justice to the beauty of Dun Eidin.

edinburgh photo

View of the city with the Edinburgh Castle in the Background

edinburgh photo

Victoria Street - Edinburgh

edinburgh photo

Victoria Street - Edinburgh

edinburgh photo

The Balmoral Hotel -Edinburgh

The impossibly tall medieval buildings, sombre alleyways and ancient gothic churches of the Old Town loom over like slim, dark ghosts, transporting visitors to former times.

Edinburgh National Monument

edinburgh photo

Edinburgh National Monument

Being the “Athens of the North” sure comes with a price.

To fill such a name tag, Edinburgh tried to impress the world by building a replica of the Parthenon as a monument to national pride. The titanic works began in 1826, only three years later, money had run out and works had to be suspended. Legend has it that the city of Glasgow offered to donate the money to finish the monument but the City of Edinburgh refused to let its rival city pay for their monument.


edinburgh photo

Greyfriars Bobby

Then there’s Bobby, one of those moving little tales that bring a city to life. According to the story, the little Skye Terrier spent fourteen years guarding his dead master’s grave.

When Bobby died, his loyalty was rewarded by burying him close to his master. Years later, the city of Edinburgh erected a monument to Bobby right next to the Greyfriars graveyard.

Edinburgh Festivals

edinburgh photo

Edinburgh Pope’s Parade Preparations

edinburgh photo

Child Bagpiper Playing

I visited Edinburgh on the same weekend the Pope was coming, so I was able to see the parade’s preparations.

Edinburgh Architecture

edinburgh photo

Red Door - Edinburgh

edinburgh photo

Blue Door - Edinburgh

Greyfriars Graveyard

edinburgh photo

Greyfriars Graveyard

And of course, there’s the graveyards. Usually big cities have one famous cemetery, Edinburgh has got at least four.

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

edinburgh photo

Arthur’s Seat Behind the Clouds

edinburgh photo

Arthur’s Seat

edinburgh photo

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

Barely one mile away from the Castle stands Arthur’s Seat, a 800 ft mountain nested in the middle of the city. The almost flat top mountain makes for a wonderful Sunday walk and provides amazing views over Edinburgh and beyond.

Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh photo

Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh photo

Edinburgh Building Architecture

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Heidi says:

This place could *certainly* give Athens a run for its money… Look at that architecture – those castles, those DOORS.. Absolutely beautiful, and even though I’ve never been myself I feel that your pictures capture just how amazing it is. Definitely on my must-go list now!! 🙂


Such beautiful photos! Excited to go there next year! It will be my first stop on my RTW trip!

Ah, great photos! I’ve been to Edinburgh twice and these pictures were so familiar. I don’t know how it’s possible but makes me feel ‘homesick’ to look at them. Well captured!

i LOVE these. edinburgh is such a cool city!

Jason says:

Thanks Jessie, and thanks for sharing on Facebook.

These photos take me back 15 years ago to when I was there, and make me fall in love with the city all over again!

Adrian B. says:

We had no idea Edinburgh looked so great. Beautiful pictures!

xixerone says:

Thank you guys! it’s a pretty amazing city, my favourite in Eur… ehem, Britain 😉

Cam says:

Wow – stunning photos! We visited during the winter when it was mostly raining and cloudy. It’s such a different looking city in the light of day!

José Luis says:

Wow!! Great Shots!!

Sophie says:

Love Edinburgh. Great photos!

Alex says:

Wow! I was just in Edinburgh this weekend and I wish I came away with photos like this! I actually stood on some of these exact streets and barely recognized them… what beautiful photos!

Wonderful photos guys! I lived in Edinburgh a few years ago and I still consider it my second ‘home’ – feeling very nostalgic looking at these pics….hmm, might have to plan a trip…

Very good. HDR user? (a bit contrasty). You might like my online efforts…

Matt says:

Fantastic photos. Edinburgh was my home for about 16 months and this certainly brings me back. Epic shots.

Sherry says:

I have an aunt who has been living there for years. Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to visit her, or perhaps, I’m just not motivated to go. But now, after seeing your photos, it might just be time to go and visit. Beautiful sights!

Bertandpatty says:

Great photos! We lived there for five months last year, and it brings back some great memories.

Beauty photos. We are heading that way in September and have a concert to see in the Edinburgh Castle. Looks like an amazing place!!

Andrea says:

Wow – awesome photos! We’re headed to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival this year – my husband had been there many times but I haven’t. Can’t wait to see such an interesting place.

Abby says:

Love that photo of Victoria Street wow!!

Rease says:

I don’t think I have every seen photos of Edinburgh that were not beautiful. Thanks for sharing@

Dean says:

Lovely photos. Edinburgh and in fact all of Scotland seems very interesting to me. I must get there one of these days.

Absolutely beautiful! Love the doors, and Victoria street :]

Fantastic photography my friends! You really captured the city in these extraordinary pics!! Thanks for my virtual tour!

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