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5 Things We Do in Philadelphia

Things To Do In Philadelphia
Philadelphia is not only home to many national historical sites, it’s also home for me. Well sort of. I grew up in South Jersey and cheered for Philly sports teams, ate Philly Steaks and took school field trips to the The Franklin Institute Science Museum. Whenever we visit my family in South Jersey, I always take Aracely into the city for my favorite things to do in Philadelphia.

1. Run Up the Rocky Steps

Things To Do In Philadelphia

In the Oscar winning film “Rocky”, Sylvester Stallone runs up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps. If you drive by the Art Museum on a weekend you will find kids and adults reliving the climb, jumping up and down with fists in the air at the top.

Things To Do In Philadelphia

2. Eat Philly Cheesesteaks

Things To Do In Philadelphia
Notice that the word is plural. You can’t have just one cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Once you become familiar with the sandwich you will realize it tastes different around the city. Made from thinly sliced steak and melted cheese, Provolone, American or Cheez Whiz, in a long roll, preferably an Philadelphia Amoroso roll.  You must go to South Philly and visit the headquarters of Cheesesteak history.  Pat’s and Geno’s Steaks sit across the street from each other and have a big rivalry.  This won’t be your best sandwich, so be sure to check out another famed cheesesteak establishment.
Things To Do In Philadelphia

3. See the Liberty Bell

Things To Do In Philadelphia
Visit the Independence National Historic Park in Old City Philadelphia for an incredible tour of our Nation’s history.  Most significant is the Liberty Bell.  Enter the free museum and learn about the history of the bell and how it was used as a symbol throughout history for different causes.

4. Watch a Phillies Game at Citizens Bank Park

Things To Do In Philadelphia

Considered one of the best ball parks in all of baseball, Citizens Bank Park standing room only tickets are perfect for any visitor looking to catch a game of the 2008 World Champions Philadelphia Phillies.  With an open main concourse (360 degrees) you find that seats aren’t necessary.  The open outfield provides scenic views of Philadelphia’s Center City Skyline.  Philadelphia has a rich sports history dating back to the 1800’s.  Don’t forget to join the tailgate party.

5. Walk South Street

Things To Do In Philadelphia

South Street Philadelphia by AnnieGreenSprings, on Flickr

Beginning at the Delaware River, South Street is famed for its mix of eclectic shops, bars, and eateries.  Stop by Jim’s for cheesesteaks, get a tattoo, pick up some condoms at Condom Kingdom, tour the mosaic buildings or bar hop at night.

I am biased, Philadelphia is my favorite city.  After spending some time in the city you’ll realize it’s a big city with a small town feel, and they are passionately connected with their sports teams.

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Heidi says:

I’ve only been to Philly once in my adult life, but I’m proud to say that I did all of these things!! Any other activities I can’t miss if I go back again?


Jason says:

Visit the Constitution Center and watch the production, “We the People.” It’s an inspiring short performance about America’s history.

Mara says:

I also am a fan of strolling through the Reading Terminal Market and visiting the world’s largest TV at the Comcast Center.

Mmm philly cheesesteaks….mouth is watering…

Jason says:

I had to stop eating them because I am gaining weight! Otherwise I would be eating them everyday while I am here.

Dorian says:

great story…. I love Geno’s, only had it a handful of times but it’s great.

Eye Of The Tiger

Jason says:

The scene is great, but there are much better cheesesteaks in Philly.

Don Faust says:

That cheesesteak has my mouth watering. I prefer Jim’s though.

Secret: I wouldn’t recommend going there at night, but if you are a little adventurous, go to the “original” Jim’s at roughly 62nd & Vine, in what is now a not-so-good area of West Philly. They serve the best and they have this hot sauce on the counter that kicks all others. It has those little black-red dried chilis soaking in this concoction of oil and I think crushed tomatoes and peppers. It’s so good that someone stole the container last time I went in to order. Only in Philly would someone steal hot sauce.

Jason says:

I absolutely prefer Jim’s too, but Geno’s and Pat’s is cool to visit just for the history there. I had heard about the original Jim’s being better, but never visited. Thanks for the info.

Claire says:

Pats all the way!!! Great list btw. Love Philly for so many reasons. It was the first big city I experienced coming from humble WV and attending college there. Years after graduating, got engaged in Independence Park, so I am a bit partial to the Brotherly Love!

Harley says:

Yeah Philly. 🙂 I live on south street and you are absolutely right about the small town feel. The close community is something unique that is great about this city.

Jason says:

Thanks for visiting Harley! I also enjoy NYC and visit that place a lot, but that’s a big city that doesn’t have that close feeling you get in Philly. So jealous you live on South Street!

Elijah D says:

Jason and friends,

Couldn’t agree more! Philly has a great breadth of offerings. But what about the depth? Respectfully, I must say that as a proclaimed long-time Philadelphian, your 5 selections, while all great things, don’t vary much much from any random tourist catalog. How about the great cultural offerings just below the surface? Many are SO worth checking out.
Thanks! Elijah

Jason says:

Elijah, you are right, they are the typical tourist things to do when in the city, but they are fun things I take my friends and family to do when they visit Philadelphia. There are lots of off-the guide things to do, just like most cities, but I will save that for another post. Maybe I will ask Carole to write that one up. 😉

Dalene Heck says:

Adrieeeennnneeee!!!! Philly is high on our list of American cities to visit. Great shots.

Jason says:

One of my all-time favorite movies.

Carole says:

Take it from someone who choose to live the last 40 years in the city of brotherly/sisterly love. Philadelphia has it all… My fav 5 1) City Hall- largest building constructed of concrete in 20th century. 2) boathouse row as seen from West River Drive at night 3) the view from the Belmont plateau made famous by Will Smith in Sum…time. 4) the oldest zoological garden in the country… Especially going up in the hot air ballon. The fountain on the parkway in front of the Four Season’s which was a gift to the city from France on it’s Centennial. It is by the same guy who did the statue of Liberty and rivals any fountain I saw in Europe.

Jason says:

I really enjoy Boathouse row too. It’s beautiful. I don’t recall the fountain, so I guess I will have to see it soon! Thanks for adding ideas Carole.

Jealous! That would be so cool to be able to run up those famous Rocky steps!! I didn’t even know it was set in Philadelphia. Those cheese steaks look worth a try, too!

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