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Travel Photo of the Day: Hummingbird in Colombia

travel photo

Hummingbird from Salento, Colombia

The beautiful glowing green hummingbird was seen flying around bird feeders in near Salento, Colombia during our hike through Valle de Cocora. Read more about Colombia Travel.

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Diana says:

Gorgeous shot!!

Heidi says:

I don’t think I have *ever* seen a hummingbird sit that still before! How did you get this shot? Gorgeous! 🙂


Jodi says:

This is truly lovely. Nice shot!2

Jason says:

Thanks, it’s one of those lucky shots that just ended up perfect.

Kirsten says:

Amazing! I do not think I have ever seen a still hummingbird! The color is stunning.

Samuel says:

Nice photo! The bokeh really makes this photo impressive.

Abby says:

WOW! I see hummingbirds all the time and have never even thought about trying to take a picture. This shot is amazing, absolutely impressive and wonderful.

Melvin says:

Nice pic & an amazing bird. I really like hummingbirds!

Good pic – really caught it well with the sharp focus.
John D. Wilson

Andi says:

WOW what an incredible capture!!!!!!!

Gary Wexler says:

Nice DOF and green! I take it you are in Colombia?

Jason says:

No, but we were there last year. This was a picture from that trip. I love the green colors too.

Natalia says:

I have tried to photograph hummingbirds before. They are so difficult, though. The birdies move too fast! You got him at a good moment. Excellent shot.

Jason says:

I admit there were feeders there, but even with the feeders, they only sit still for a second. I sat there taking tons of pictures to get a good still shot.

Sebastian says:

Nice shot Jason!

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