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Travel Photo of the Day: Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciers National Park

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Perito Moreno Glacier in the Los Glaciares National Park near Calafate, Argentina Patagonia.

One of the greatest glaciers we visited in Patagonia was Perito Moreno Glacier in Glaciers National Park near El Calafate, Argentina.  Boats allow you to get up close and gain a better perspective of the glacier’s size and structure.  Large crevasses reach deep into the ice field, but continually fall off as the glacier slowly slides.  The crushed mountain gravel produced from the glacier’s sliding eventually deposits into the water creating a cloudy turquoise color.

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Sani Wira Sanjaya says:

Wow… Beautiful places. And beautiful pic absolutely.

bethany says:

That place looks amazing!

Heidi says:

Gorgeous colors here – and the photo is divided really nicely! Great shot. Feel like I’m there!


Faith says:

Great photo-all the blue makes it feel cold!

Ryan says:

I guess you just don’t realise the scale of the glacier until you’re up close and personal, amazing shots.

Jason says:

Taking the ferry up to the glacier wall was an incredible experience. It’s huge. You can also go hiking with ice shoes on top of the crater.

Andi says:

Absolutely stunning! That water must be oh so cold!!!

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