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Photo of the Day – Skeleton of an Old Sunken Boat on the Beach

sunken boats

Study of the Skeleton of an Old Boat in the Mexican fishing village of Xcalak

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The skeleton of and old boat on the beach lies abandoned and deteriorating near the Mexican fishing village of Xcalak. Xcalak, population 400 is the most southern village on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, near the border of Belize.

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Jodi says:

This made me drop my jaw!

Pretty cool. Looks very eerie – I bet at night it’s pretty creepy!

Heidi says:

Gorgeous photo! Reminds me of this sunken sailboat I love taking pictures of off of La Haina in Maui! I really like seeing old relics like this and imagining how they got this way, what they were like in their prime, etc.

Mike says:

What a great pic! Wow! Lighting and water are magic!

Thanks Katherine,

I am in the process of upgrading everything at the website. Should take a few days. The old information is at There are some links there to my photography as well as a way to sign up for a newsletter. Please do!

Beautiful photo – the link to your website doesn’t seem to be working though.

I am not sure how long is has been there. The whole coast here is littered with fascinating mysteries such as this. Less that 1/2 mile up the coast from me there is a spot where fragments of Mayan pottery lie on the beach after a rain.

I appreciate the compliments and will continue to bring more.

Kyle says:

There is something so eerie about sunken boat skeletons…

Laura says:

Awesome photo! I wonder how long its been there, whose it is?? Either way, hope it stays exactly where it’s at.

Josh Aggars says:

Great shot. Kind of looks like the lower jaw teeth of a dead whale! Love the moody wind swept scene.

Andi says:

Such an awesome shot! Now I’m dreaming about what the boat USED to look like.

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