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Photo of the Day: Santiago Chile Smog

World Pollution

Trapped Smog Over Santiago, Chile

Santiago Chile is the captial and largest city in Chile. Located in the center of the vast country, it’s also known for it’s smog.

Thermal inversion (a meteorological phenomenon whereby a stable layer of warm air holds down colder air close to the ground) causes high levels of smog and air pollution to be trapped and concentrate within the Central Valley during winter months. In the 1990s air pollution fell by about one-third, but there has been little progress since 2000. – Wikipedia

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Dorian says:

That’s nothing….

You guys should come and hang out in Los Angeles with me for a few days….

Thomas says:

Such a beautiful place but I didn’t know how bad the smog was there. I have never heard anyone speak of the smog before. So its even worse to go in the winter months.

Heidi says:

Despite the smog, this is still a gorgeous picture! Reminds me of a view of Los Angeles from a park that overlooks the smoggiest part of downtown – it’s pretty, but the thought of that air is anything but!


Andi says:

Gosh that’s heartbreaking to see! I didn’t really experience it while I was in Santiago thankfully.

Jason says:

It’s still a fun city, but they do have a lot of environmental issues that still need addressing. Wikipedia had a lot of good information on them. It’s the winter months where the smog pollution becomes a big problem.

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