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Photo of the Day – North Window – Arches National Park Utah

arches national park

North Window located in Arches National Park Utah

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The area around Arches National Park Utah up until about 700 years ago was home to the Freemont and the Ancient Pueblo people. The park is known for its wide open spaces, spectacular views and over 2,000 natural sandstone arches. Located near Moab, Utah the area has become an adventure sport and mountain biking mecca in the western United States. Sometimes in the morning the park is beautifully quiet and I was able to capture this image of the “North Window Arch” while reflecting on the ancients while watching this peaceful sunrise.

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Raymond says:

Now that photo is a keeper! Great job!

Samuel says:

Wow! Gorgeous shot, the framing really makes it

Pete Heck says:

A natural picture frame. Great shot.

Caanan says:

Love us some National parks. we just spent some time in Denali and are reminded, once again, thta the National Parks ARE America’ best idea.

Jason says:

They are, and it’s a shame I haven’t been to many. I have a lot on my list.

Reena says:

Beautiful photo!

Adam says:

Awesome photo. I have been out there and just feel in love with it. I was only out there for a few days and long to go back after seeing your photo. Thanks for sharing.

No, it was all pretty much arch if I remember right. Arches is a great park and Moab is a fine town too. I highly recommend both!

Heidi says:

Beautiful – this really does look like a little window into the sky! Great view.


Dorian says:

Great Picture…

Is that a tree on the bottom left hand corner? Random

Andi says:

I love the way you framed this shot!

Dorian says:


They have a “knack” for that don’t they…. I can point and shoot but the whole framing part is still a mystery to me..


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