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My Exofficio Boxers Real Tough Review

When we travel around the world we want a good pair of underwear.  In preparation for our year long backpacking trip in Central and South America, I picked up a few different brands and pairs of underwear to test.  One of those underwears was Exofficio boxers.

Travel Clothes

I had never needed my underwear to be so durable and quick drying before, but I also still wanted boxers.  All the boxers I had worn in the past were cotton, and cotton wasn’t going to be the best material for what we had planned. We seek adventure, long hikes and budget accommodations. That meant sometimes we had to go several days without showers.

Men’s Give-N-Go® Boxer

ExOfficio: Clothing for the Adventurous SpiritThe real test came during our 9-day trek in Patagonia. We camped outside for 5-days before we arrived at our first opportunity for a shower. I would jump in the shower with my ExOfficio Boxers and wash my body and my boxers at the same time. They cleaned easily and dried quickly. They kept their form during that string of hiking days and never became uncomfortable or unbearably stinky.

I often tout my appreciation of ExOfficio travel clothes on Twitter, so it was no surprise when they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a video product review. A simple review seemed a little boring for me, so I put together this more entertaining video review of the ExOfficio Men’ s Give-N-Go® Boxer. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about ExOfficio travel clothes, we are offering free shipping on all orders over $75USD.  You would be getting a great product that we personally stand by and helping out with commissions. Be sure to begin your purchase through our link.

2 Backpackers Review of ExOfficio Underwear



I did a review of them too, and would concur on everything. My only suggestion is, don’t get white, dark colors are better and will keep a nice look longer.

Jason says:

Yup, that’s a good suggestion. Mine were always dark, so I never considered it. Thanks.

Jessie says:

TOO funny. i love exofficio!

Samuel says:

LOL, love the humour in the video 🙂

Kevin says:

Haa! Awesome video, man. I’ve got a couple pairs of the ExOfficio boxers (and lots of other ExOfficio stuff, too) and they are awesome. I wash ’em, wring them out, and then stick them in a folded up towel and smash whatever water is left. After that, they are usually dry in a couple of hours.

Christy says:

You did not just walk the streets with your backpack and ExOfficio undies. Awesome. Great review. I love ExOfficio too!

Jason says:

Yes I did! And Aracely stood on the other side of the road filming me walking down Miami suburbia with a backpack and underwear.

Melvin says:

Well done! Finally a review, which should be worth every penny! And the shorts actually looks quite good as well.

Jason says:

It was a fun video, thanks for watching my half naked video Melvin.

Jason says:

Depending on the weather or room temp, from an hour or two.

Kristin says:

Brilliantly hysterical. Well done.

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