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Travel Photo – Big Ben at Night – The Palace of Westminster in London

London Travel

Big Ben at Night – The Palace of Westminster taken from the Waterloo Bridge

London travel is often associated with pictures of Big Ben, the famous clock tower from the Palace of Westminster. Built along the Thames River, Westminster is home to the major tourist attractions in London, including Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster. At night, amazing pictures can be captured from the Westminster bridge or the Waterloo Bridge of the illuminated attractions, including the London Eye.

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Nice pic!
John D. Wilson

Kaitlin says:

This is an incredible shot!

Kulin says:

Very beautiful picture. What camara is that and what kind of settings?

Jason says:

I always say it’s not as much about the camera as it is the knowledge of camera settings and to have an eye for it. At night you need a tripod and you need to play with your ISO and Aperture. This can be done on most point and shoot cameras too.

Kulin says:

Thank You Jason. I will try out.

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